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  1. Mar 2022
    1. I was not less fanatically a Negro, but "Negro" meant a greater, broader sense of humanity and world-fellowship. I felt myself standing, not against the world, but simply against American narrowness and color prejudice, with the greater, finer world at my back urging me on.

      This stood out to me a lot they felt more like a person than being judge off the color of there skin sad that color prejudice is a thing. It is not the world world that thinks this way it’s simple minded narrow viewing individual that feel this way.

  2. Feb 2022
    1. which hinges on a three-day treatment costing fifty dollars through which black people can turn themselves white. The treatment involves “a formidable apparatus of sparkling nickel. It resembled a cross between a dentist chair and an electric chair.” The confusion this causes throughout racist America (as well as among black folks themselves) gives Schuyler a chance to satirize both white leaders and black.

      This was shocking to read , where they embarrassed by the color of their skin? Did they truly just want the white privileges that saw the white individuals have? Did they see bring black a curse or did racism play at post in then disliking their own skin so much they felt the need to change it? They went through numbers of treatment that crossed between a dentist and electric chair is mind boggling one will go through this process that has to be painful just to change their skin color. They may have been successful at changing this skin color but indeed in side tier born ethnicity will still remain black.