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  1. Oct 2017
    1. Plato and Aristotle argued that a just city had to exist in conformity with man's permanent nature and not what was ephemeral and changing.

      Shows some of the earliest belief on what it takes to create a thriving politically correct society

    2. Everything that modern biology and anthropology tell us about the state of nature suggests the opposite: there was never a period in human evolution when human beings existed as isolated individuals

      Show that while some believe humans were only driven by primitive things, there is proof that humans were always socially adept.

    3. Mutual human dependence comes about almost accidentally, as a result of technological innovations like agriculture that require greater cooperation.

      Explains how and why societies and mutual dependence is created.

    4. Savage man's ''desires never extend beyond his physical wants; he knows no goods but food, a female, and rest"; he fears pain and hunger but not the abstraction of death

      This shows the basic human drives which changed forming mutual human dependence

    5. Aristotle differed from Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau in one critical respect.

      All human being are political by nature, while modern philosophers human are not born socially inclined