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  1. Apr 2022
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    1. That fidelity was composed of social relics and habits, an attachment to practices where con­formity played as great a role as personal conviction

      Conformity causes people to change their own beliefs to match with those of the same group. Why does their conformity risk them being convicted...

    2. Only the Aures in Constantinois posed a real military problem: there, the “rebels” secured the cooperation of “bandits of honor”

      Why were they called the bandits of Honor?

    1. the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another, and indeed in the democratic republic no less than in the monarchy

      Most of society tries to reach for the top; to be in a position of power.

    2. and the nation is powerless against these two great cartels of politicians, who are ostensibly its servants, but in reality exploit and plunder it.

      Interesting and on-point explanation of American politics.

    3. way with all the old repressive machinery previously used against it itself, and, on the other, safeguard itself against its own deputies and officials, by declaring them all, without exception, subject to recall at any moment.

      This is the Commune's way of reorganizing their state/ government in a way that would benefit their society.

    1. tive hitherto exercis

      Note: "hitherto => until now or until the point in time under discussion"

    2. consisted of working men. This fact was now to be transformed into an institution. The first decree of the Commune, therefore, was the suppression of the standing army, and the substitution for it of the armed people.

      This would or was used in the commune's advantage right? To take control/possess of the armory so that they may protect themselves when necessary.

    3. the misery of the masses was set off by a shameless display of gorgeous, meretricious and debased luxury

      I think that this is a common reason why people are distrusting of their government/those in power, because they use the enticement of fortune and fairness to corrupt people.

  3. Mar 2022
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    1. At the outset insur­rection is riot, just as a river is a mountain torrent. Ordinarily it ends in that ocean called revolution

      I mostly just liked the analogy, but does this mean insurrections will always lead to a revolution?

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    1. to show him round the clubs. ,They visited them all, or nearly ail - the red clubs, the blue, the wild, the peaceful, the puritanical, the Bo

      How do these establishments continue to carry on ?

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    1. Is it possible thatwe could destroy ourselves, one against the other, and alllighting for the same cause? It is I who have undertaken [thisstruggle) and I wisli to fight until it [liberty] exists [. . ] amongus. Equality cannot exist without liberty. And for liberty to exist, we must have un

      I just really liked this passage. This statement provides the audience with an emotional appeal to giving equal rights to all and an idea of how to obtain those rights.

    2. f there are ill-intentioned men in the colony, if there are those who still have relations with enemy powers, remember BRAVE BLACKS, that the French people alone recognize your freedom and the equality of your rights

      Here Bonaparte is stating that he is opposed to the idea of the reinstatement of slavery and proposed a new pact/set of principles that will provide Black people with freedom and equality and the promise of no suffering.

    3. Sixth Article - Work is necessary, it is a virtue. It is the general good of the state. Every lazy and errant man will be arrested to be punished by the law. But service is also conditional and will bepaid a just wag

      These Articles Toussaint suggest establish a new standard or perspective on how people view labor and allows for those in power not to abuse their power and cause their citizens harm, or stress.

    4. also read of the September sessions of this last year of theNational Convention and the decree they issued for the abolitionof slavery. This is reassuring news for friends of humanity, and Ihope that in the future all will feel more at ease and that, if we areable to enjoy peace and tranquility, the colony will flourish to an unparalleled degree. [. . .]I hope that we may meet to discuss our affairs together. Let me know the day and place that I may be there. [. . .]Salvation in the fatherland, and its success,

      The abolition of slavery during this time was one of the many challenges that was overcome but there is more yet to come for Toussaint.

    5. insidious declamations should have no effect upon the wise legislators who have decreed liberty to humanity. The attacks the colonists propose against this liberty must be feared all the more insofar as they hide their detestable projects under the veil of patriotism. We know that illusory and specious descriptions have been made to you of the renewal of terrible violence. Already, perfidious emissaries have crept among us to foment destruction at the hands ofliberticides. They will not succeed, this 1 swear by all that is most sacred in liberty. My attachment to France, the gratitude that all the blacks conserve for her, make it my duty to hide from you neither the plans being fomented nor the oath that we renew to bury ourselves beneath the ruins of a country revived by liberty rather than suffer the return of slavery.

      Here Toussaint states that he refuses to let Vaublanc convince 'property' owners in St. Domingue to regress back to the use of enslavement. Toussaint also says that it he and other Blacks have gratitude to France and will not try to hide the fact they will all fight should, the "enemy of liberty" slavery return.

  7. Jan 2022
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    1. If thing's are to change, one must realize the extent to which the foundation of tyranny lies in the vast networks of corrupted people with an interest in maintaining tyranny

      This is a common concept I hear when people speak of change. For serious change to truly come about you would have basically tear or break apart all the pieces of the past ruling/government and rebuild it from the ground up with an entirely different mind set.

    2. In this treatise is explained the torment in which tyrants find themselves when obliged to fear everyone because they do evil unto every man

      In a previous class we discusses the idea of authoritarian figures and what characteristics make up an authority figure. We concluded that an authority figure must be able to understand and sympathize with their constituents. If there is trust and compassion between the two, the authority will experience less fear of an uprising or revolt. Rule with a kind hand not an iron fist.

    3. et us therefore understand by logic, if we can, how it happens that this obstinate willingness to submit has become so deeply rooted in a nation that the very love of liberty now seems no longer natural

      People definitely want liberty, but in society we are conditioned to obey from the day we are born. From telling babies to 'shhhh' as they cry to sooth them into silence, telling kids they must do something if they want sweets, all to following road signs while driving/walking. It is all believed to prevent disorder in the world.

      Even when it comes to fighting for liberty/change there is always someone in charge or leading that fight. I think the need/or human urge to obey comes from wanting to feel included.

    4. , as soon as he acquires the title of master, becomes abusive and unreasonable.

      I agree with this statement because, in media and history it is shown that people make promises of change before assuming power, but once they are in a position of authority/power they abuse their power and bring about chaos.

    5. “Still men accept servility in order to acquire wealth; as if they could acquire anything of their own when they cannot even assert that they belong to themselves, or as if a

      As for the person that serves, it may be more convenient for them to live under someone, rather than living on their on. The world is very harsh some more than others, and people fear that harshness, so maybe for them its comforting knowing that someone else is responsible for them.

      This can go in hand with what nshelanski said when it comes to humans subject themselves to force/tyranny as a way of self-preservation.