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  1. Nov 2018
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    1. We might ask of religion as it appears in children's liter-ature whether it enlarges or constricts our view of the cos-mos.

      I like this point

    2. no single religious or sec-ular view gives the whole picture, which must be seen froma distance, comprehensively.

      Perhaps thats why there is Christianity and Paganism in Narnia?

    3. Religion here functions as both his-torical connection and a mode of self-realization,

      I like that

    4. cheerfully blends pagan divine attributes with thoseof the Christian God and the Virgin Mary, showing linksbetween earlier and later religious belief and even blendingthem into fantastic fusions.

      That's what I'm saying!!

    5. Meni Kanatsoulishows the persistence of pagan imagery and thought inostensibly Christian Greece

      look into

    6. "Kipling's Spiritual Paradoxes for ImperialChildren"

      also look into

    7. James Whitlark

      look into

    8. upports a given social structure and a specific statusquo.

      A specific religion can change over time

    9. attract children through sto-ries of heroism and adventure

      Sort of bribing kids to identify with specific religions?

    10. se of religion itself as a didactic device

      I just really like this wording

    11. "religion is what providesthe necessary mental and spiritual security to bring orderout of the chaos that modern writers are concerned with

      "Bring order to chaos"

    12. Such speculative fiction lets us explore the moraland theological questions that humans have posed for mil-lennia, offering new mythologies to imagine old moraldilemmas

      Here's a reason for religion in children's literature

    13. From the Romantic movement on, however, overt andeven covert advocacy of religion (particularly Christianity)in secular children's literature has become increasingly sus-pect and subject to censorship

      How new is this censorship? Read more on backlash.

    14. CharlotteYonge, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Kingslev, and GeorgeMacDonald

      Authors to look into

    15. teach them what is consideredessential to their well-bein

      May want to look into witch trials, specifically the 'Crucible'.

    16. The creative processrivals the authority and power of the gods and the cosmos,yet it also pays homage to them

      Look more into this idea.

    17. Ever since the Puritans codified the doctrine that chil-dren, no less than adults, need to read the Bible and under-stand what it says, religion and religious issues have beenpart of children's literature.

      Goes back to puritan times to get children to understand religion and how it applies to them. 'Be religious and God may give you a magical kingdom for you to rule'

  3. Sep 2016
    1. I asked them whether I might not lodge in the house that night, to which they answered, “What, will you love English men still?”

      is this a white settler? Or a Native American girl who married a settler? I really can't decide.

    1. they could not refrain nor restrain themselves from talking to her on what they well knew she would fain be silent.

      They know she wont talk about it but they continue to presser her and "torment" her. Why could't they leave it alone, why did they feel the need force her to confirm what they already know? Were they feeling entitled to knowledge that didn't belong to them?