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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Another issue is Sexism,

      I agree, that sexism is an occurring issue within the United States, and has always been an issue. Our elected leader is also a part of this problem, which makes it harder to fight this issue as he is a perpetrator himself.

    2. one person died

      Unfortunately, Heather Heyer was not the only one who had passed, but a total of three people died that day.

    1. I wish the future in  America would be beautiful and peaceful so that my kids in the next generation will be more safe and loveable to others.

      I, as well, can see the potential of our future America. I want the next generation and my children to be able to be who they are regardless, and people be accepting of that. I also want our country to be at peace, which is manageable if we elect a leader who has these same values and beliefs. I truly believe that our future is up to us, the people. We must protest and fight for what is right for our future generations and children; we must be the example they lead by. Without the good fight, America is not going to be this country we all love and admire. It is important that we stand up for what is right through writing, protesting, art, anything that will make an impact for our future generation.

    1. Listen to ‘The Daily’

      This audio that was placed in this article was startling to hear as it starts off by hearing the neo Nazis chanting, "Jews will not replace us". This was an in depth, detailed explanation of what truly happened that devastating Saturday. Hearing that they appeared in armor with shields, goes to show how intense and violent they were prepared to be against others. They started prior to noon which crossed into the counter protestors which is where the violence began. This interview is significant because I was not aware of half of the things that happened and it was heartbreaking and uncomfortable to hear and listen to. It is important to feel uncomfortable and to have your stomach turn because people must be aware of what is happening in our current world because this is real and is not going away. It was also scary to hear young people made most of the neo Nazis up being around my age. It is important that we educate our future generations properly so we do not repeat history, as we currently are in comparison to World War II in regards to the Nazis.

    1. We have no tolerance for hate and violence, white supremacists or neo-Nazis or the KKK.

      Pence as well as Trump responding to the rally this way is ironic due to the way he campaigned throughout the primaries. This statement expresses that they both do not condemn violence, white supremacy, hate, etc. when in fact I would use all of these characteristics to describe Donald Trump, our President. Though he says he does not approve of this violence, he still condemned the alt right by saying both sides were wrong in their doing, as if it was comparable. The irony of these statements but then the words coming out of our President's mouth is quite contradicting and shows the lies and sneaky business the White House is trying to cover up of our President. During his campaign Donald Trump: made fun of a disabled reporter, called Mexicans "rapists", admitted to grabbing women of their genitals, and many more terrifying actions. This is the true Donald Trump, and the White House (as you can see) and co workers are doing their best to portray Donald Trump to be against all of this when in reality this is how we got voted into the office through hate.

    1. the Detroit Right Wings

      This section of the article explains all of the protestors that were there as well as used. It shows that the Detroit Redwings were there to protest, but this can be misleading. The actual hockey team was not there protesting, as it was their logo that was unfortunately used for this protest. Right when this happened, the Detroit Red Wings made a clear statement that not only were they a part of this rally, but they also do not support their logo being a part of such a horrible protest. This is why it is important to read various articles so there is no confusion as to who protested and who did not. Their logo was taken and abused for this rally which is an unfortunate event. I see this happen all of the time throughout media and articles, taking one small aspect of something and turning into something that it is not meant to be. This is why it is important to be able to read between the lines.

    2. His statement and his subsequent defenses of it were seen by critics as implying moral equivalence between the white supremacist marchers and those who protested against them.

      Donald Trump went on television to give a statement in regards to the Charlottesville rally and caused an uproar by supporting the alt right. He expressed that the alt right were on the same playing field as the counter protestors, which was absurd. This is significant due to the fact that it shows the President's true colors as being a white supremacists himself. Examples from this comes from demeaning women, being a racist and a bigot during the primary, election, and current day. I have never seen anything like this as the leader of our country supporting the alt right, and only compare this to a dictatorships mentality.

    1. Heather's father Mark Heyer said his daughter had strong convictions and was passionate about helping people.

      A woman named Heather Heyer was viscously killed from a twenty year old white supremacist purposely drove down a road where counter protestors were located to hurt them. This resulted in many people injured, and the death of Heather Heyer. She was there to stand in solidarity with her friends who were being oppressed and as this quote demonstrates who she is as a person, trying to help others which I find quite heroic. Heather is a hero for dying to stand with and for other people, and I highly admire her for this. This goes to show the type of person Heather was and how she left a legacy of being passionate and helping people. This is such a tragic event as it feels society is repeating history. It reminds me of World War II with the Nazis, along with terrorists driving into people of purpose which is what James is: a terrorist. We must honor Heather in her bravery to die for helping others as well as having a deep reflection of ourselves and what we are or will do to fight the good fight.