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  1. Dec 2021
    1. It didn’t matter if homosexuals were successful, law-abiding, and conventional – they were still un-American.

      This shows how they receive and forced from the society to be different from normal people

    2. Annual Reminder. Adhering to a strict dress code of shirt and tie for men and dresses for women

      Remarkable and clear method

    3. prohibiting homosexuals from working for the federal government

      It is Another way to deprive their rights.

    4. homophile movement began to tackle “subversive elements” and orient itself around respectability.

      How did they do to develop its respective

    5. he was forced

      By who?

    6. lavender scare”

      Why it is called like that

    7. Hay

      Harry Hay, the person who drove the lqbtq+ community

    8. 5,000 federal employees and thrusting them out of the closet

      That was the large amount. Did it make any loss to the organization ?

    9. using public revulsion towards homosexuals in his campaign

      That will provide him and his campaign a lot more power.

    10. classifying it as a “sociopathic personality disturbance”.

      Is it really the disorder.

    11. moral panic in the media that was capitalised upon by politicians

      Most of the people still bias and think that this will destroy their past culture and believes

    12. hardest

      Nevertheless,I think it was always hard for them in those years

    13. educate homosexuals and heterosexuals toward an ethical homosexual culture paralleling the cultures of the Negro, Mexican and Jewish peoples”

      However, it sound more the practical way of compromising the issue than using violence

    14. someone who could recognise him or herself as part of a wider culture.

      Thats the all point. They are also human just like others

    15. came together to form the Mattachine Society

      What is the inspiration to make them form it

    16. experienced

      What have they experienced before? From where and which events?

    17. forced to start again from first principles, with only a vague awareness of Hirschfeld’s legacy.

      That was the huge loss. They have no choice but to restart

    18. ransacked his institute and burned the contents of its archive and library in the streets.

      What is the cause of that destruction

    19. describe and understand their sexual predilections.

      It is new and different to what society have had before

    20. legible sexual and gender identity, which could be afforded civil rights

      Seem like more hope for the LQBTQ+ people to live their happier lives.

    21. he was himself homosexual

      So he will understand those people the best

    22. campaigned for increased rights for, and study of, sexual and gender-variant people.

      With this way, it probably be better than overcome one by violence. It will make everyone get to know more about the issue

    23. attacked officers after the arrest of a number of drag queens, sex workers and gay men.

      They always use violence against each other at the time

    24. have always been part of a contentious battle for identity and ownership

      Lead to the real and right issue of the controversy

    25. weren’t even the first time LGBTQ+ people had fought back against police harassment

      Is it remarkable cause it is the biggest gathering at the time?

    26. might mean.

      Understanable, It always tricky for people to admit something new and figure out is it good or bad for them

    27. gained the least from the mainstreaming of the struggle

      Sadly, they were deprived what they should receive.

    28. different elements

      E.g. social groups, culture,likeness, similarity, organization, social control

    29. Pride can still divide

      What make it divided

    30. remain contentious

      It is impossible to have every single one agree with anything

    31. punished in the US by imprisonment, chemical castration, social ostracisation and a lifetime as a registered sex offender

      These are way too harsh and full of immoral actions which done to a human

    32. indeed bend towards justice.

      How and what make the society get nearer to the justice

    33. Bastille day”

      Is Bastille the name of someone or sth remarkable?

    34. more than 5 million people took part in New York’s annual Pride events

      that was am enormous number back then

    35. attracting a few thousand LGBTQ+ activists.

      Christopher Street Liberation Day is another way to make the issue get more attention.

    36. refuges for homeless trans and queer people

      They were helping together warmly

    37. their repercussions

      What are some of the repercussIons that still continue

    38. police harassment

      Giving the police powers to attack people is go against moral.

    39. things could never go back to how they were before

      This shows how the situation has gone much far and it is crucial

    40. but I had no one to discuss it with

      Maybe he don’t think there is someone who he can talk comfortably and openly to

    41. secretly within myself

      Sympathetic that he had to keep it himself

    42. unusual headline

      What make it unusual?

    43. specialist Henry Baird

      Main character

    44. change his life

      How can that newspaper change his life and what is it about