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  1. Apr 2019
    1. “For instance, a preppy teen posting pictures of himself wearing goth clothes, posing in front of a wall with painted wings is totally normal and healthy. A teen who is struggling with self-image issues, posting pictures of her body and seeking comments to define her self esteem is unhealthy.”


    1. So, even that idea that they have to be 13 to have it, it's, you know, not reality. And it's so blatantly not reality that they don't even feel any fear to admit that they have an account.

      Very interesting...

    2. So, you're either going to teach them to swim, or you're going to watch them drown

      @_teachreadwrite...I definitely think we should bring this up at the coffee shop! The idea of "well they're going to use it anyway" feels so much like how people are complacent, but yet, in a positive way.

    3. critically

      @_teachreadwrite...You teach middle school-think kids can actually do this???

    4. @_teachreadwrite...You teach middle school-think kids are capable of this????

    1. VR goggles

      I never understood the point of these.

    2. he “really” feels about himself

      This goes back to what was mentioned earlier about how people are more likely to say [or be] things online that they wouldn't normally say in real life.

    3. expression of underlying needs

      Yup! These two worlds are intertwined, and yet can be different things, but the point is that when someone creates something, no matter what it is, it's an extension of yourself.

    4. “online disinhibition effect

      veryyyy interesting...

    5. people are always constructing their identities, with their ever-changing, always-performed selves being both digital and embodied


    6. often labeling the online self as somehow false, contrived, constructed, or performed, while the in-person self is more spontaneous, real, and genuine.

      I'll give them that! Digital dualists are saying that those online are false and constructed-they absolutely are! I don't see how people can argue that? To me, it doesn't seem debatable at all. What is debatable to me, is how far off that is from a person's "real and genuine" persona. Meaning-can't your real life persona mean that when you are online you construct your identity but in person you're more spontaneous.

      BUT ALSO how are we not talking about how people also "construct" themselves or "perform" in the physical world. People wear masks and pretend all day long, only choosing what to reveal and to whom, at their will.

    7. are actually highly intermeshed, especially given how people in social media often connect with each other in-person,

      As I drink my skinny vanilla latte, I can't help but ponder this. The anti-digital-dualists are arguing that online and offline worlds are intermeshed, but I can't decipher what their stance on the argument is. True they're arguing against the definition and idea of digital dualism, but what about the reality of it? @_teachreadwrite what do you think?

    1. What is most crucial to our time spent logged on is what happened when logged off; it is the fuel that runs the engine of social media.

      I think this is a smart take on offline vs. online and how they intersect and depend on the other. It reminds me of my hero: Harry Potter and his nemesis: Voldemort. "One cannot live while the other survives" - you know the prophecy- and yet...

    2. The logic of social media follows us long after we log out. There was and is no offline; it is a lusted-after fetish object that some claim special ability to attain, and it has always been a phantom.

      hmmm...interesting. Is this meant to be darnkess or light?

    3. One of our new hobbies is patting ourselves on the back by demonstrating how much we don’t go on Facebook.

      @_teachreadwrite....Woah-totally called you out here...

    4. we need to follow their lead and log off.


    5. phones

      @_teachreadwrite...When we got coffee the other day, didn't you say that one of your students got her phone taken away, and for that whole day her nose was quite literally in her book all day?

    6. eating

      I've heard of these strange restaurants, where they have bowls in the middle of the table, and make all of the customers put their phones in it so they can't touch them.