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  1. Feb 2019
  2. Dec 2018

      -- comparison and contrast to other novels -- -- “presentist” concerns about classism / sexism / racism, etc. -- “I read through Sanditon after people already did their annotations” -- loved the historical context and annotations about vocabulary -- literary contexts / intertexts -- quotes from other poets -- Chapter Synopsis by chapter? -- links to the biography -- preoccupation with illness in the novel -- clarification about character relationships


      -- it’s not a finished novel, so you can’t go to the library and pick it up, necessarily, as a pleasure read -- “by students, for students” -- experience Austen’s writing process -- where might the conventional hallmarks of Austen go? -- being hosted online = maximum clickability -- they might be able to Wikipedia stuff themselves? Can we go deeper???


      -- it’s not as hard as it seems -- full sentences, descriptive… you want to set yourself up as a reliable source. Why should someone trust what you’re saying? -- link to credible sources -- what constitutes credibility? -- the highlights are distracting -- maybe limit to a 3-word string? -- purposes could be reflective of hashtags, plus character names -- maybe put all the coded tags in a single list, so we have a key