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  1. May 2021
    1. The establishment ofsuch policies is controversial and can lead to com-munity protest (Macgillivray, 2004

      steal ref

  2. Apr 2021
    1. Good practice allows children an open forum to discuss potentially sensitive issues.

      Having a GSA would provide students with a place to confide any concerns and get further accurate advice (since info from the internet may not be correct). If the school's small then they should make students aware of a local GSA that they can attend

    2. Flexibility

      Although schools can adjust their teachings to suit the demographic of the students and local area they should not make assumptions about the makeup of the student body as there is no 'typical' queer person that can be identified - additionally, there is no reason that teachers should be aware of their students sexuality - nonetheless teachers must take an active role in not assuming heterosexuality of students

    3. Schools will need to consider the needs of their cohort of pupils in designing this content

      If schools have trans students they must be sensitive of the fact that students menstruating may not identify as female - schools without trans students should be sensitive of this too

    4. how the use of alcohol and drugs can lead to risky sexual behaviour.

      it's important to consider why pupils may participate in such activity especially in the queer context since they are more likely to participate in risky behaviours

    5. how the different sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDs, are transmitted, how risk can be reduced through safer sex (including through condom use) and the importance of and facts about testing.

      Careful of stigmatisation

    1. women’ssuffrage

      I just think that history could be gayed up

      Yk teach about how ancient civilisations are supposed to have been a bit gay

    2. human rights andinternationallawthe legalsystemin the UK,differentsourcesoflawand howthelawhelps society dealwith complex problemsdiverse national,regional,religious and ethnicidentities in theUnited Kingdomand theneed for mutualrespectandunderstanding

      gay rights can be really easily explored here, including timelines for gay rights movements

    3. history ofart,craft,design and architecture,including periods,styles andmajormovementsfrom ancienttimesup tothepresentday

      Make sure to include queer artists and the portrayal of queer relationships on different periods of art (//? banned gay art //?)

    4. sex determinationin humans

      Discuss increasing evidence that being transgender is a biological fact

    5. HIV/AIDs

      be aware of stigmatisation of gay men and bisexuals as bridge for HIV/AIDs from gay community to straight one

    6. theplacenta

      It's important that (should teachers feel comfortable) outline that these processes do not necessarily correlate to gender identity Some people are born with male genitalia but do not feel like a male and the same with women - additionally some people are born with both genitalia or none Studies suggest teaching about queer people like this encourages acceptance

    7. audience for andcontext

      Consider pre-1914 books with homosexuality as a theme to allow students to explore the theme in different contexts

    8. Through

      In admitting this, it makes sense to teach literature that directly includes queer people or possesses those themes so as to allow pupils to develop further both culturally, emotionally, and socially