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  1. Jan 2022
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    2. This year, fighting for workers, many retailers pushed up wages faster than expected. Best Buy and Kay Jewelers, for example, raised starting pay to $15 an hour

      Why the stores increase the wages for the workers ?

    3. "We did see enough of life coming back to normal [summer 2020] that gave us the sense that people are pretty set in their habits, people are going to go back to shopping malls,

      I agree with that because the people feel like they start to know more about the disease and they know how to protect themselves from the covid virus

    4. Pressley, like many others, says the pandemic added to the ordinary stresses of the job, such as frantic schedules and a lack of paid time off

      This remembered me when the pandemic was new , I had a bad schedule ever at my work and that made me so angry and stressed