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  1. May 2021
    1. In this story we see an adaptation of the Hindu Ramayana tale which details the rocky marriage between Rama and Sita. This story is focused on Sita and how heartbroken she is because of the way things are with her and Rama. That is the reason why she sings the blues. CC- BY-NC

    2. We see a lot of different narratives in this play. One of the narratives is Dave with his girlfriend and the cat. Another one is the shadow puppets who are talking about Sita and Rama and basically are arguing about who knows the story and who's story is the correct one. And lastly we see the narrative of the songs. All the different songs explain parts of the story and make the reader more interested. CC- BY-NC

    3. Rama is presented as the hero because he went and saved Sita and brought her back home. However the way he acted after he found out that Sita was pregnant doesn't really make us like him as much. Everyone in the story talks about him as being a hero and yes i agree he did save Sita but at the same time i do not think that he should've responded in the way he did when he found out she was pregnant. CC- BY-NC

    4. In this story we see how the different genders are introduced. We see Sita as the female dressed up in a skirt and a cropped shirt, with makeup on. And then we see Rama dressed with only shorts. If we pay attention we can also see how they made the bodies of the genders look more like a female and a male. We notice that Sita has curves with a small waist and then we see Rama that has big shoulders and is built muscular.