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  1. Jan 2019
    1. writing raytracers and rasterizers may just be a waste of time, when the main interest isn't the interworkings of math, but to put something up the screen. For a reasonably wide range of modern tools, its absolutely not necessary to know any deep math to bring to screen what you want.

      Again, exactly!

    2. I agree. I've had quite a bit of exposure to linear algebra through other textbooks and online courses, and the 3Blue1Brown series explains the intuition better than just about anyone. In particular, the video on determinants really crystallized the concept for me.

      Interesting. I already watch it for stuff I don't know. Guess I should also watch topics that I already know too, to get the most crisp intuitive understanding.

    3. A lot of the knowledge in this guide is good to know but ultimately not immediately relevant to someone seeking to achieve some higher level graphics goal.


    4. IMO Shadertoy is not a good place to start. The techniques shown on shadertoy are fun to play with but they have almost nothing to do with the techniques used to make shipping products. Drawing an entire forest in a single shader is amazing but it runs at 0.2fps on a machine that can run GTA5 at 30-60fps

      Precisely why shadertoy is less popular than initially intended and why that situation is deserved and fair.

  2. Nov 2018
    1. 3:31 — Particle Systems: withChildren parameter and other things

      7:14 — Array-returing APIs (e.g. Mesh.vertices, Input.touches, GetComponents, RaycastAll)

      9:07 — Camera.main [part 1]

      9:32 — Choosing between collections (list, dictionary, hash-set)

      15:43 — Use Instance ID as key for dictionaries

      18:38 — Method inlining

      23:29 — Unity UI

      25:59 — Notable exception from Unity UI dirtying

      28:00 — Slice up your Canvases! (and nest them)

      30:48 — Disabling Pixel Perfect for scrolling UI

      31:31 — Optimizing Scroll Rect in particular

      32:24 — Disabling unneeded UI raycasting

      33:58 — Not leaving Event Camera property blank

      37:31 — Camera.main [part 2]

      39:05 — Optiziming Layout (even when not using them!)

      45:55 — Pooling UI in correct order

      46:47 — Hiding Canvases correctly

      48:03 — Not using Animators on UI (unless always changing already)

    2. 2:19 — string.Equals()

      11:41 — Disabling NullCheck for individual method(s)

      13:16 — Transforms and scene hierarchies

      23:38 — Disabling Physics.SyncTransforms

      25:54 — Audio

      32:48 — Preferring legacy Animation over Animator/Mecanim

      37:50 — Animator Layers

      39:12 — Preferring Generic rig over Humanoid rig

      41:23 — Pooling Animators using keepControllerStateOnDisable

  3. Oct 2018
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  4. Sep 2018
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