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  1. Jun 2019
    1. The subcommittee noted that there was a 17 percent increase in reported hate crimes in 2017 from the previous year and a 31 percent increase since 2014. And in spite of the ADL’s report that white supremacists were responsible for 78 percent of extremist murders in 2018, the FBI still dedicates most of its time, money and manpower to investigating and stopping international terrorism.

      This is sad, I feel like the hate crime increased so much more in the past 4years. Now that is influenced more by the president I think that it'll be harder to bring these numbers down. We should all be seen the same.

    1. When a story is truly breaking, this is what it looks like. Our technique here is simple. Select some relevant text. Right-click or Cmd-click to search Google When you get to Google don’t stop, click the “News” tab to get a more curated feed Read and scan. Investigate more as necessary. Scan the stories. If you want to be hypervigilant, scan for sources you recognize, and consider sharing one of the stories featuring original reporting instead of the tweet. I’m going to state this again, but if you look at that loop above you’ll see this is about a seven second operation. You can absolutely do this every time before you share. And given it is so easy, it’s irresponsible not to. I’m not going to tell you you are a bad person if you don’t do these checks, but I think in your heart you already know.

      This is something that I figured out on my own a while back. ever since I found this out I have used and I can't express enough how useful it is and has been for me