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  1. May 2019
    1. curricle

      Unlike a carriage, which is four-wheeled; a curricle is two-wheeled. Both are drawn by horses and this picture showcases how lavish a curricle can be.

    2. livery

      This picture showcases that a livery is very fine and elegant. An emphasis is focused on the fancy standard that is within the uniform's conception.

    3. Amazed at the alteration in his manner since they last parted

      "Amazed" may hold a different meaning and provide a different perspective, as the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word as: "To put out of one's wits; to stun or stupefy, as by a blow on the head; to infatuate, craze".

    4. fancy

      "Delusive imagination; hallucination = fantasy" (OED).

    5. diffidence

      "Lack of confidence or faith in someone or something; distrust; mistrust, misgiving, doubt" (OED).

    6. quarter

      "Without reference to locality: a particular but unspecified area, person, or part of a community, esp. regarded as a source of something" (OED).