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  1. Dec 2016
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      Another reasoning for the huge success of "Billie Jean" was do to Jackson's moonwalk. Jackson's first moonwalk was implemented into "Billie Jean", which sealed the songs popularity as one of Jackson's biggest hits.

    2. Billie Jean is not my loverBillie Jean is not my loverBillie Jean is not my loverBillie Jean is not my loverBillie Jean is not my loverBillie Jean is not my lover

      Personally, I believe that Billie Jean does represent a real person, instead of groups of girls who wait backstage at concerts.Mainly because why would Jackson take so long to decide to write a song about an arbitrary concept from his childhood. Since I believe Billie Jean represents a woman, most likely causing stress and annoince in Jackson's life, this repetition of the main concept feels like icing on the cake. A song, more or less, yelling at a person that they are wrong and there is nothing you can do about it, was a great way for Jackson to get his message out. And these last lines are Jackson's way to drive his message home.

    3. She said I am the one who will dance on the floor in the round

      The significance of the "Billie Jean" when it came out was do to the fact that the song was about a person being told that they are some kids father.

    4. She showed a photo of a baby cryingHis eyes looked like mine

      Many fans sent letters to Jackson blaming him of paternity fraud. But one fan, who Jackson's biographer believes to be the real Bilie Jean, sent Jackson a series of letters. The biographer also stated that he saw her waiting for Jackson at his pool. The situation became dire when Jackson received a package from her containing a letter, a picture and a gun. The picture was of her and "their" child. The letter told Jackson to kill himself at a set time and date and she will also kill their child and herself so they could be together. Jackson took the photo and hung it in his dining room.

    5. Billie Jean is not my loverShe's just a girl who claims that I am the one

      Jackson states that his inspiration for this song was from groupies that would be backstage that he encountered while on tour with the Jackson 5. But this reasoning was not excepted by many including Jackson's own biographer.

    6. "Billie Jean"

      On top of Billie Jean being a great song, fan theories about who is Billie Jean has helped the song remain and gain popularity.