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  1. Oct 2017
    1. SoifIhadtochoosebetweenlibtheo,oranyology,Iwouldgowithscienceaslongasservicetothepoorwentalongwithit.ButIdon’thavetomakethatchoice,doI?”

      Medicine and faith are often viewed as contradictory but they do not have to be reconciled or mutually exclusive in order to treat patients effectively.

    2. CHAPTER1Sixyearsafterthefact,Dr.PaulEdwardFarmerremindedme,“Wemetbecauseofabeheading,ofallthings.”

      I think that the significance of the title is both a reference to Haiti and the geography but is also a representation of obstacles the clinic, Farmer, Haitians etc. face. Once one obstacle is overcome, especially in Haiti, the obstacles do not end, they continue to exist beyond the ones you may overcome. This also connects to Farmer's idea about the issues of countries like Haiti and how there are fundamental obstacles that are the root of all other problems and so, even if you overcome one issue using medicine, there are still more mountains to climb over and this only relieves "symptoms of poverty" not the root.