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  1. Sep 2022
    1. Diego! I do not believe he will ever recover it

      diego went mad

    2. “I had rather have seen ten whole ghosts.”


    3. Diego

      They are in spain?

    4. peasant

      The peasant is the man that helped isabella escape

    5. she recollected a subterraneous passagewhich led from the vaults of the castle to the church of St. Nichola

      secret tunnels gothic

    6. At that instant the portrait of his grandfather, which hung over the bench where they hadbeen sitting, uttered a deep sigh, and heaved its breast.

      supernatural occurence

    7. who gathered courage from hersituation, and who dreaded nothing so much as Manfred’s pursuit of his declaration, cried

      isabella does not want to be with him

    8. Hippolita is no longer my wife; I divorce her fromthis hour. Too long has she cursed me by her unfruitfulness. My fate depends on having sons, andthis night I trust will give a new date to my hopes.

      He only wants sons

    9. “Heavens!” cried Isabella, waking from her delusion, “what do I hear? You! my Lord! You!

      isabella said wtffff

    10. Isabella, since I cannot give you myson, I offer you myself.

      TL;DR manfred is a pervert and wants to impregnate his daughter in law because hippolita cant give birth O_O

    11. marriage

      GIrl you do not have to agree with this omg

    12. Curse on Hippolita!” cried Manfred. “Forget her from this moment, as I do. In short, Lady,you have missed a husband undeserving of your charms: they shall now be better disposed of.Instead of a sickly boy, you shall have a husband in the prime of his age, who will know how to valueyour beauties, and who may expect a numerous offspring.

      Fck my wife Fck my son fuhget about it bbg you're mine now ;)))))) - manfred

    13. “sure you do not suspect me of not feeling the concern Iought: my duty and affection would have always −

      Isablla says but i do care for him and i love him

    14. Yes, I sent for you on a matter of great moment,” resumed he. “Dry your tears, young Lady− you have lost your bridegroom. Yes, cruel fate! and I have lost the hopes of my race! But Conradwas not worthy of your beauty.”

      Manfred tells isabella that "boo hoo he died whatever you're too hot for him anyways sis"

    15. alas! I dread the worst! − Raise me, my maidens; I will, I will seemy Lord. Bear me to him instantly: he is dearer to me even than my children

      Manfred wants to be left alone

    16. Hippolita, his wife, an amiable lady, did sometimes venture to representthe danger of marrying their only son so early,

      Hippolita did not want the wedding to happen so early because Conrad is the only heir and she's sterile now

    17. She felt no concern for the death of young Conrad, except commiseration; and she wasnot sorry to be delivered from a marriage which had promised her little felicity, either from herdestined bridegroom, or from the severe temper of Manfred, who, though he had distinguished herby great indulgence, had imprinted her mind with terror,

      Mathilda had previously accepted the marriage as a fact of life she was only sad out of empathy she's scared of her dad

    18. Matilda

      Matilda is the sister of conrad and loves her mother, hippolita

    19. Matilda

      Mathilda is shy

    20. Hippolita

      Mother to the prince Conrad

    21. Villain! Monster! Sorcerer! ’tis thou hast done this! ’tis thou hast slain my son!

      Manfred blames the peasant the mobs blame the peasant with no evidence and ridiculous claims

    22. arms

      A peasant seems to be familiar with the helmet and manfred gets angry and ends up blaming the situation on him and taking him into custody (?)

    23. whether anyman knew from whence it could have come?

      No one knows where this comically large helmet came from

    24. he beheld his child dashed to piece

      The Prince of otranto has a father, manfred and the queen his mother and was preparing to get married to matilda then the day of the wedding he is killed by a comically large helmet