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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Enkidu was sent to Gilgamesh by the gods. He became his best friend.

    1. vignette. or small illustration on walls of pyramids in Egupt.

    2. Hieratic script was originated in Egypt. Was a cursive writing system for the pharaohs in Egypt. Written from the right to the left in horizontal lines on papyrus.

    1. Sounds like the narrative of Star Wars at the beginning of each movie. It reminds me of the Book of Proverbs from the Hebrew bible. Professor talk about the importance of studying these historic times because it teaches us a lot about the importance of writing to mankind. This written text is considered by many as possibly the oldest surviving written text. Shuruppag was a Sumerian king, and he wrote this for his son.

    1. Why is this code so important? It was the first ever summarized code of law to help provide structure for his subjects. Was actually deity? Nope! In my opinion, he was a visionary and his subjects did not know how to address his abilities. Marduk was the god of the Amorites