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  1. Apr 2019
    1. becoming a string quartet.

      What instruments are used in a traditional string quartet?

    2. master of 12-tone composition

      What is the 12-tone scale and how does it differ from the standard Diatonic scale?

    3. weave stratified contrapuntal textures

      How is the contrapuntal texture different than the homophonic texture of a piece like a lied?

    4. But upstart vanguardists like Charles Ives and Henry Cowell instead took an idiosyncratic and disharmonious approach that shirked European models.

      What is one musical technique that Ives used that was not seen in the European model?

    5. The model female music career at the time was that of a “woman pianist”; she might achieve the status of a successful touring virtuoso and, if not, could settle for a comfortable income as a music teacher.

      Which female composer that we studied earlier had a career similar to what the author is implying here?