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  1. Mar 2024
    1. the monk

      the term "Monk" in the medieval times stemmed from the word Monachos, which means a solitary person. Monk's first "withdrew into the Egyptian desert, depriving themselves of food and water as part of their effort to withstand the devil’s temptations." Monks did many helpful things such as nurse the sick and help the poor.

    2. whilst he was setting forth the praises of his schoolmaster

      Socrates is one of, if not the most famous historians for his work and development on Greek philosophy. It is not hard to see and understand why he is given praise, as he planted the seed for the creation of western Philosophy. He is without a doubt Plato most famous student and is a legend in Greek Philosophy.

    1. King Pelias

      king Pelias was a major character in the story Medea. Pelias was the adversary of Jason, and also was the king who had both of his daughters turned on him by Medea. This is not the only Greek mythological story king Pelias appears in, however. "Pelias was one of the mythical kings that appeared in the stories of Greek mythology; indeed, Pelias was a king who appeared in one of the most famous tales of Ancient Greece, the story of Jason and the Argonauts."

  2. Feb 2024
    1. Jason

      Jason is the so called "villain" in the Epic Medea. He leaves behind and abandons his wife Medea and kids to marry the kings daughter, Glauce. However, Jasons villain arc comes more from weakness then anger or hatred. And thats what these epics are more about, people that are weaker or have less power. In the epic Medea, it states. "Typically, these are the people that do not possess power or the ability to dictate their individual moments/decisions. " This can be said also about the main character, Medea.

    1. consider the role Krishna plays in this text

      In the text, Lord Krishna is a massive character in the text. In the epic, people respected Lord Krishna. People saw him as " People consider Krishna their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend all rolled into one." In the epic, Lord Krishna was the mentor of Arjuna and took him under his wing, helping him get through tough situations.