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  1. Nov 2017
    1. It will be then for the wisdom & discretion of the visitors to devise & perfect a proper system of government, which, if it be founded in reason & comity, will be more likely to nourish, in the minds of our youth, the combined spirit of order & self respect, so congenial with our political institutions, and so important to be woven into the American character.

      I find it incredible that 200 years ago the founders decided to have such a democratic government created by the students for the students. Currently, our school is known for its honor system and the fact that our student body governs itself. Our self-governance creates an environment of respect and responsibility throughout our community and although it started with the founders, the students are really the ones who have carried it on. A the same time I find it hard to believe our founders that envisioned such a democratic community could be so backwards in their beliefs about women and people of color. The fact that these people were not accepted at the university until much later is astounding.

    2. The objects of this primary education determine its character & limits. These objects would be, To give to every citizen the information he needs for the transaction of his own business. To enable him to calculate for himself, and to express & preserve his ideas, his contracts & accounts in writing. To improve by reading, his morals and faculties.

      I find it interesting that the founders wanted the primary purpose of the university to be for students to learn about morals as well as their responsibilities and rights as citizens. As a whole I think UVa has done a good job of continuing this especially through our honor system. Most students strive to be just and active citizens and although I don't think we are taught this in the classroom, UVa has a number of opportunities for us to learn outside classroom. Additionally, I believe students have strayed away from learning to understand the material; we often study for the test just to get the A.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. At these too might be taught English grammar, the higher branches of numerical Arithmetic, the geometry of straight lines and of the circle, the elements of navigation and Geography to a sufficient degree, and thus afford to greater numbers the means of being qualified for the Various Vocations of life

      The writers of this document really stress that they want to be teaching students to become society’s elite. Because of this, they want to make sure students coming in already have a strong foundation in many subjects, including reading and foreign languages. The writers believe that having already studied these subjects will allow students to better prepare for the work field. Now, UVA does accept a more diverse group of people from many different backgrounds, but the requirement of previous education is still held up.

    2. Education, in like manner engrafts a new man on the native stock, & improves what in his nature was vicious & perverse, into qualities of virtue and social worth

      I find this quote particularly interesting. At the time many of the men writing this document were generally considered honorable and intelligent. However, in current times people might have mixed opinions about them because of their involvement in slavery or the fact that neither African Americans nor women were allowed to enroll in the university. While educating someone can change a person’s “virtue” for the better, it doesn’t necessarily positively impact all parts of his or her morality. Later in the paragraph the writers state that they want to “advance the knowledge & well-being of mankind”. While improving the social worth of men can definitely help society improve, they can only get so far. If the writers really wanted to improve the knowledge of society they would have allowed for women and all African Americans in enroll.