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  1. May 2021
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    1. The first was

      One group held that

      Could the rest of the sentence become a list?

    2. In America, around the mid-1800s,

      How might we describe this?

    3. Whether or not


    4. Various Stances

      A & A

    5. This,

      The 1860 election

    6. the South that eventually became

      Southern [word like unhapiness] into

    7. he Southerners'

      Confederates? vs. the southern? One third of southerners fought for the Union

    8. of the reasons


    9. even


    10. At that time,


  3. Apr 2021
    1. violence erupting.

      Where? In postwar Europe?

    2. The most imperial clause of the 440 clauses

      Talk through what "the most imperial" means here

    1. imperialistic intent

      And let's talk through this.. and what kind of benefits imperial empires are looking for.

    2. imperialistic retribution

      Let's talk through what this means to you all

    1. After Zimmermann Telegram communication stating their intention to ally with Mexico toppling the U.S., Germany became an impediment.

      Let's talk through. Start with German as a subject

    2. Imperialism, the elongating rule over people, became a WWI foundation as Britain, France, and other empires expanded their rule and heightened tensions

      Let's talk through this.

    3. "Empire Imperialism Cartoon - The World's Plunderers," Thomas Nast, 1885

      Quick check-- are these images in the media library?

    4. Shortly after,


  4. Feb 2021
    1. unters and gathers dominated 2/3

      I'm not sure what the 2/3 refers to here

    2. ua

      Megafauna is probably not in our spell checkers :) I

    3. n 3400 Bc.

      Where did mound building take place? (Glad you identify Cahokia later in the paragraph).<br> The next sentences will work best in your own words. Help us picture what it would be like to build this!

    4. This is why the Europeans were shocked when they arrived.

      A positive pattern in your writing: you check in with the reader at the end to make sure they understand the importance of what you've just shared. Keep this up!

    5. efore Columbus. Chapter 10, page 87

      Good factual content. I appreciate the note you make at the end: burning was an important tool because it allowed people to hunt and gather close to home, and thus to stop living a nomadic lifestyle.

      Consider creating a title that gestures at that final point you make -- something about fire and being able to stay longer in one place. That's the real topic of the post.!

    1. Both of these routes have been discussed because there are different opinions.

      Great way to start the timeline!

    2. kill theory is the idea that humans had hunted animals

      I really like that you paused and explained Overkill theory

    3. Woodland Era: Food2,600-1,100 YBP

      In Mann's work, the Adena and Hopewell people are both Woodland. Check out Ch 10 and see how you can blend these two sources of info.

    4. Archaic Period10,500-2,600 YBP

      I love seeing you get the essence of a particular archeological era so clearly -- that HGs really thrived! That's why they were around for so long :) Consider creating a complimentary entry with information on the Mound Builders, the massive earthworks that Native people built in Arkansas an elsewhere toward the end of the Archaic period.

    5. Woodland Era: Art

      This could be a great entry to supplement with information from p 54 of Mann

    6. Mississippian Leadership

      Consider developing a complimentary entry that describes the Mississippian Chiefdoms based on the second half of Mann chapter 10.

    7. but it was shallow

      It's not clear what "it" is here. You may want to clarify b/c I don't think you mean the land bridge is shallow.

  5. Jan 2021
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    1. istory 3310: Social Science Concepts in Arkansas History, Spring 2021

      If you can see this highlighted note, it means you need to change your settings from "Public" to "My Group"

  7. Jun 2017
    1. December 29, 1931.

      Consider this date. What of importance was going on around the time that Carl Becker gave this speech before the American Historical Association?