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  1. May 2021
    1. Eventually the brothers act on their emotions. Seeing the “dreamer” approach on a shepherding trip, they ambush Joseph and throw him into a pit — the first of the great depths to which Joseph will sink. The brothers soon sell him to Midianites who in turn sell him to an Ishmaelite caravan headed down to Egypt, continuing Joseph’s descent. The brothers then tear up Joseph’s special coat, dip it in goat’s blood, and present it to Jacob as proof of his son’s death.

      Joseph’s brothers were filled with jealousy and hatred. Their father loved Joseph more than any of them, which is unfair. They teased Joseph as a dreamer; This happened after he said he saw a dream. The brothers decided to sell him to merchants from Midianite, and those merchants turn to sell him to Ishmaelite merchants. The brother told their father Joseph was dead. There was just too much jealousy in their heart that led them to sell their brother. CC BY-NC-ND