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  1. Jan 2020
    1. Perhaps with some elbow grease and coding skill, sometime in the future, we’ll have a simple way to implement a POSSE workflow that will allow you to post your annotations to your own website and syndicate them to services like Hypothesis

      We may or may not be working on something like this. Well, we were going to build the whole system, but I recently found hypothesis, and now we are looking at integrating with the functionality.

      The idea would be to allow users to add an end destination for their annotations which would allow them to feed a CMS with not only the annotations, but with structured data as well. This would syndicate to their website, leave a note in the browser, and post a clipping inside of an activity feed. Stay tuned for more updates as we plan to release a first version before summer this year.

    1. The W3C model allows for users to add a motivation to their annotation. You could imagine “commenting”, “correcting”, “questioning”, “classifying”, or “tagging” among others. While these have not been implemented in any systems we’re aware of yet, they hint at the much broader potential for use cases)

      Love the idea of being able to add context to the things I read and adding intent as well.