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  1. Jan 2018
    1. n general, it’s also a good idea to routinely clear your browser of cookies and trackers that Facebook and other companies use to track you in digital and physical space.

      Absolutely agree with this, also, it's good to clear out your phone's memory!

    2. When we do ask to use your data, it’s to provide you with a better user experience

      or so they say

    3. After all, if we thought the police could easily access our data, we might start asking more questions about what our phones know about us, and become less comfortable with using these companies’ products.

      Unsure how I feel about this. At this point, I could argue either side of the debate.

    4. Should app makers know where we live, where our children go to school, where we go to get away from it all? And if so, how much should they tell us about it?

      What are they going to do with this information? That is the main reason to be concerned. If nothing, than whatever. If something devious, well than, what?

    5. If, for instance, a company knows that you’ve just stepped foot in one of their stores, they might start targeting you with ads touting a sale.

      This always creeps me out

    1. watching and discussing episodes

      I so enjoyed this. It fits right in with my (perhaps morbid) interest in the dystopian world. Regardless, if I'm being stalked by our overlord Google, I prefer to know it.

    2. Mozilla Foundation’s Advocacy Media

      An interesting crossover-- I believe that Dr. Zamora assigned us to work with Mozilla's open source tools, way back in New Media Studies in Spring 2016. I really like the Firefox browser and I was interested to learn that there is so much more to the Mozilla company.

    3. Remix Manifesto

      Hey Alan, I keep seeing this and thinking it says Rebeg Maestro #throwback

  2. Apr 2017
  3. angelofdisruption.wordpress.com angelofdisruption.wordpress.com
    1. County Special Education Services Commission

      Just a note- I love how you vary the documents. It creates a very interactive, far-reaching network within the story

  4. Mar 2017
    1. White Christian nationalism runs our country now. Will it sit down and reason with a Black woman, a trans man, a single Latina mother?

      By drawing Christianity into the discussion, the argument is raised to a level that goes beyond political, and is incredibly polarizing. If the statement read "White nationalism," I would find it to be more accurate that "White Christian nationalism" in relation to universities, most have which largely dispelled religious roots.

    2. In a world run by people who take the low road, taking the high road is not practical. We need people who will meet others on the low road if we are to cease this downward spiral.

      "Meet others on the low road," I hope as in, hold out our hands and lead them to higher opportunity to share their ideas?

    3. the privileged Millennial whose character can only be built through an unforgiving exposure to adversity.

      In my workplace (not a school), millennials are often touted as the problem, the the point where professional development classes are offered as a way to combat these lazy, entitled youths. Even if this were the truth, no one addresses the issue of the older workers who exemplify symptoms of the issues of tired Baby Boomers in the workplace. I could speak volumes on the issues I have seen raised over the issue of the "privileged Millennial."

  5. Feb 2017
    1. Is it hard to imagine what can you create by removing words?

      This reminds me of the premise of a beautiful play called "Where Words Once Were," which is the story of a dystopian world where citizens are limited to 1000 words, no more. When we remove words and simplify, we often find even deeper meanings in what isn't said.

    2. From The Free Woman blog How to Create Blackout Poetry

      such a beautiful example! I really enjoy blackout poetry.

    1. A Man with Chalk and a Blackboard Explains the Shape of Story

      I thoroughly enjoyed Vonnegut's explanation of story arcs, hilarious!

    1. Blogging has made its mark.

      I love that blogging has become such a huge part of the learning process. We can learn so much from reading about people's experiences-- reading blogs on various topics has helped me on many occasions. Of course, fact checking is always going to be crucial (trust, but verify), but I a few years back, bloggers weren't given the level of trust that we give them nowadays. It's a big transition, and it's made the cold Internet world seem more personal and connected. There are bloggers whose recommendation or criticism is of paramount importance.

    2. “Regrets to Egrets” by Tobi Hahn – https://twitter.com/regrettoegret

      Every time a tweet pops up from this account, I laugh like a maniac. So simple, yet so hilarious!

    3. Video games

      Video games are incredible and they don't get the credit they're due. The amount of work that goes into a single moment in a game blows my mind, and I wish the creators received more praise. The combination of coding and artistic endeavor puts video games on par with some of the most lauded works of art, in my opinion. Even games that are technologically lower quality can still have amazing stories that stick with the players. For example, one of my favorite games as a kid was Kingdom Hearts, and when I go back to play it now the memories come flooding back.

    4. Fanfiction is coming into its own.

      This, at first, sounds odd but it's true! Fanfiction is an important way of people entering into creative writing, and exploring with characters and themes that bend the established storylines.


      The gauntlet has been thrown down!

  6. Jan 2017