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  1. May 2019
    1. The

      The graph above is extremely hard to read and i'm pretty sure they purposely make it hard to read

    2. push many Americans into the middle class and beyond

      Not really student loans are a giant anchor around the neck for people who can't pay out of pocket, and its only really the american colleges that do this basically the world over has either free college or colleges that cost 1/4 as much and still teach the same material

    1. SF State encourages its students, faculty, and staff to engage fully with the community and develop and share knowledge.

      As a commuter school a lot of the students and faculty are out of contact with each other and the student body is super out of touch with itself

    2. Building on a century-long history of commitment to quality teaching

      I've gotten a teacher at sf state that clearly didn't want to teach and he and all the students hated that class soooooo...

    1.  “The I-I-I-I-I Rule” - Never start a group of sentences in a row with the same word.  Vary your sentence beginnings.

      What about alliteration? what about repetition for attention grabbing letting the reader know something is up? Call back words are a powerful tool in writing and they are straight up denying it

    2. Never start a sentence with “Well,” ‘Yes,” or “No.”

      I'm getting the feeling that these writing "rules" are just super stiff formal white english that nobody ever uses, and cutting out the author's flavor from their own work

  2. Apr 2019
    1. San Francisco State University remains united

      HA SF state is pretty toxic and lots of us hate each other

    1. The discovery in the early 1950s of rapid-eye-movement sleep

      when we sleep we aren't lying there like a sack of potatoes but hyperactive

    2. sleep medicine

      wtf? thats a thing?

    3. Brain research, which has pushed back hard against this nonchalant attitude, is now expanding rapidly

      I mean its always been well known that sleep is needed for developing long term memory, like we've known for 50+ years i think

    1. Colleges have always viewed their mission as promoting social mobility, but given rising income inequality and the skills needed to get high-paying jobs, they have intensified their efforts to enroll and lift disadvantaged students.

      not really how colleges do it anymore, the huge monetary barrier(in america at least) kicks the poor down and keeps the wealthy up. despite the many programs promoting lower class and minorities representation in college.

    2. died when his son was a toddler

      maybe they should go into the fact that his dad dying when he was young had an effect on him rather than looking at the lack of an effect he had on him

  3. Feb 2019
    1. irst-generation college students" pose notable retention concern

      i think its because high schools don't really prepare people for college, most of us go from 6(ish) 1 hour long classes back to back 5 days a week in orderly blocks where we know what to do when to do it. to however many classes we are willing to do, our own schedule, and classes of varying length.

    2. hy do some students succeed in college while others do not?

      in my experience its the ones who are functional adults are the ones that succeed

    3. mastery of the ' 'college student" role

      I think they mean what conventionally makes a good student; like knowing how you learn, being able to keep on top of school work, and juggling responsibilities

    1. My dad had booked their hotel through the day after my classes officially began. They’d used all their vacation days

      its such a foreign idea that my parents would stay around after college starts and use vacation days to do so

    2. Cornell University

      she went to a famous english college as an english learner?

    3. What does he mean, Go?

      i'm guessing the dean meant this as telling the parents to stop being hawks over their kids shoulders but instead was received as she was alone from then on

    4. I learned from my peers that grades were something that I didn’t have to share with my parents the way I had in high school.

      oof i wish my parents would learn this and stop harpping on me

    5. English professor

      good for her to go from english learner to english professor

    6. no mandatory meeting geared toward first-generation students

      shouldn't they have talked about this during orientation?