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  1. Apr 2021
    1. References

      The reference list is strong.

    2. qualitative and quantitative methods

      The paper only included Qualitative methods the Quantitative methods were opposed by the citizens, which shoes that the data that was calculated was not trustworthy.

    3. Evaluating computerised health information systems: hard lessons still to be learnt

      The article used a Qualitative study design method as it only highlights the problems within the health system in South Africa which is posing threat to the use of health information system in our healthcare centres.

    4. Published 19 April 2003

      The date of the study and the publication of the paper shows the correlation which improves the quality of the paper.

    5. BMJ

      The article is posted on a reliable source

    6. Peter Littlejohns, professor (p.littlejohns@nice.nhs.uk)a,  Jeremy C Wyatt, professorb,  Linda Garvican, senior research fellow

      The research was conducted by well trusted candidates, such as Peter Littlejohns who is a professor in public health. The article does not indicate if it was peer-reviewed but there were couple of responses to the article by people living in the areas that are included on the article.

    7. Implementation of a hospital information system in Limpopo Province

      failure of hospital information systems have affected people in Limpopo province as they still have to use the old school method for data collection about their patients. these will make it harder for leadership to monitor the progress of the strategies that they are using.

    8. To generate information that is useful to decision makers, evaluations of hospital information systems need to be multidimensional, covering many aspects beyond technical functionality

      The Importance of health information system is that it allows you to see where the health system is failing, this helps the leadership to draw strong approach in resolving the problem that the health system might be facing. the multidimensional aspects could be the dimensions of quality and other aspects which are beyond technical functionality.

    9. The lessons learnt are applicable to the installation of all hospital information systems.

      There was no clear indication on the use of health information system in South Africa until couple of lessons were learnt when the hospitals were underperforming.