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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Not an inch nor a particle of an inch is vile, and none shall be less familiar than the rest.

      this seems a bit exaggerated, no?

    2. Clear and sweet is my soul, and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul.

      So bless everything that he doesn't know or understand? Very mature outlook on life and the earth

    3. The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it.

      He's not letting experiences take over his life. He appreciates it and keeps it moving

    4. Hoping to cease not till death.

      give it all you got til you can't anymore. good outlook and he's really motivated!

    5. For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you

      We're all connected

    1. About the tenth day of my fame I went to fulfil my duty to my flag by paying my respects to the American minister.

      feeling guilty?

    2. I was pretty nervous; in fact, pretty badly frightened, though, of course, I was no way in fault;

      seems to always be filled with anxiety

    3. Then he was restored to his normal condition, and made a thousand apologies for not being able to break the bill

      kind of sad

    4. A said he would starve to death; Brother B said he wouldn’t.

      This is harsh

    5. My mouth watered for it, my stomach craved it, my whole being begged for it.


    1. “Go on! go on!  Read! read some more!  Read all you’ve got!”

      Like seagulls around food!

    2. He said that this reputation was a treasure of priceless value;

      seems a little conceited

    3. True.  Very well, what shall we do—make the inquiry private?  No, not that; it would spoil the romance.

      This is really strange

    4. Don’t!  It scares me yet, to think of it.


    5. “Oh, of course; but he didn’t care.  I reckon he was the best-hated man among us, except the Reverend Burgess.

      Best hated man?

    6. But he was gone.

      Do you think this is selfish?

    7. And in the meantime, while you are running on with your jokes, the money is still here, and it is fast getting along toward burglar-time.”

      This can't go well

    8. rich and comfortable.”

      Strange combo of words after saying how poor they are

    9. There is a paper attached to the sack which will explain everything.  Good-night, madam.”

      This is creepy

    10. No, he was gone to Brixton, and might not return before morning.

      sexual innuendo?

  2. Nov 2015
    1. Follow the impulse of thy generous heart, my Emily.

      Essentially saying "fall into my trap!"

    2. “for I am certain I can inform her of something which will give her peculiar pleasure.”

      "Of course I can swoon her!"

    1. “for I am sure my cousin omitted nothing that could serve to render the evening agreeable.

      "You are wrong, my family is always right."

  3. Oct 2015
    1. The Indian of North America being more within our reach, I can speak of him somewhat from my own knowledge

      Automatically makes me wonder if the upcoming story is entirely accurate. "I can speak of him somewhat from my own knowledge."

    1. My soul acquiesced fully in the will of God,

      I like his word flow here and his words seem meaningful. On the other hand I feel like there is way to much expression of love for christ. We all get the point by this time. I really wanted more depth and an actual story but felt like I was being preached at.

    2. from Christ’s heart to mine

      Hmm...How so? Just a feeling?

    1. emarkable awakening in my father’s congregation.

      Spiritual awakening?

    2. I had a variety of concerns and exercises about my soul from my childhood;

      what exercises?

    1. absorb­ing it into a cyclic story that has less to do with time gone by than it does with the cur­rent moment.

      i love this. so dynamic and creative

    2. When it is over, vis­i­tors are asked to “exit through the gift shop.”

      haha funny

    3. the Witch Museum func­tions by per­for­mance alone, choos­ing to use as its “orig­i­nal” not an object from the past or a 1692 site, but a “true story”

      i like the 2 different styles

    4. hat co-opts and ulti­mately replaces the actual, orig­i­nal Salem jail and the pris­on­ers it hel

      so cool

    5. am­pires, and hor­ror — and not its his­tor­i­cal past.

      better for audience

    6. because they are like the orig­i­nals but not the orig­i­nal

      i can understand why

    7. his­tory is erased or obscured because it has been iden­ti­fied as touris­tic.

      isnt that the point?

    8. As you explore our places, attend the voices of our past. You may find them haunt­ingly famil­iar. Our his­tory may be an echo of your own story being told

      This is the coolest line!

    9. tourism sup­planted all indus­trial, mer­can­tile, and fish­ing busi­nesses as Salem’s num­ber one money-maker.

      must be good resources

    10. the Wic­can com­mu­nity is thriv­ing, and witchcraft-related attrac­tions con­tinue to draw the great­est crowds in Salem

      so interesting how everyone loves it now but were hanged if liking it in the past

    11. Play your part in his­tory.

      I like this style!

    12. The tourist becomes, in this the­atri­cal expe­ri­ence and in most Salem tourism, both pas­sive audi­ence mem­ber and active shaper of the expe­ri­ence, and per­form­ers are both rein­car­na­tions of Puri­tans past and cre­ators of a con­stantly evolv­ing truth.

      We should do this as a class! I love this kind of thing

    13. “facts” are cre­ated by the inter­ac­tion between site, viewer, and a neb­u­lous char­ac­ter called “the past.”

      Seems like a big game of telephone

    14. true

      Hmmm...really true?

    1. Raging Dragons

      Doesn't seem too offensive to the natives. Better than savages

    2. he arrived safe with them all

      Something God like. Finally

    3. he would Ride away with That which he should in this Extremity find his Affections to pitch most upon, and leave the Rest unto the care of the Divine Providence.

      A religious way of saying I'm going to leave you?

    4. a very generous Token of his Favour.

      what token?

    5. But cutting off the Scalps of the Ten Wretches,

      ending with this? Come on...really??

    6. he thought she was not Forbidden by any Law to take away the Life of the Murderers

      so concerned with the legality of it all haha

    7. hey must be Stript, and Scourg'd, and run the Gantlet through the whole Army of Indians.

      Why naked? More humiliation?>

    8. Nor did their praying Friends among our selves, forbear to Pour out Supplications for them

      so cruel

    9. Indeed these Idolaters were like the rest of their whiter Brethren, Persecutors; and would not endure, that these poor Women should Retire to their English Prayers, if they could hinder them.

      No prayer, no hope, no power

    10. they dash'd out the Brains of the Infant, against a Tree;

      this is so disturbing. wow gross

    11. he arrived safe with them all,

      Ok, good start

    12. he would Ride away with That which he should in this Extremity find his Affections to pitch most upon, and leave the Rest unto the care of the Divine Providence.

      So whoever he doesnt pick good luck with god? Catch 22 here?

    13. which were from Two to Seventeen years of Age)

      huge range

    14. alvages

      here we go...come on guys. another term already!

    1. Queen of Heb

      Queen of Hell. This can't go well..

    2. that the prisoner was the undoing of her, and her Children, by enticing them into the snare of the Devi

      Oh come on, take ownership and stop pointing the finger.

    3. she should within two or three days be poisoned

      "Oh, okay thanks for warning me."

    4. which without any known cause quickly fell down and dy’d.

      Wouldn't she just kill the people and not set her vengeance out for some cows?

    5. lost his Cattle, by strange Deaths, whereof no natural causes could be given.

      By this being said twice already, I'm starting to think that they know the cause..

    6. he could thrust a knitting Needle into his wound,

      Like a voodoo doll?

    7. Allin Toothaker testify’d, That Richard, the son of Martha Carrier, having some difference with him, pull’d him down by the Hair of the Head. When he Rose again, he was going to strike at Richard Carrier; but fell down flat on his Back to the ground, and had not power to stir hand or foot, until he told Carrier he yielded; and then he saw the shape of Martha Carrier, go off his breast.

      Everything so far seems so far fetched... how can any argument against witches/witchcraft be taken seriously?

    8. and put him to very great Misery:

      Yet sounding so casual about it....even more sketchy

    9. were very credible in what they said.

      Credible by whose standards?

    10. everal of her own Children had frankly and fully confessed, not only that they were Witches themselves, but that this their Mother had made them so

      Way to be loyal to the family

    11. but that upon the[Pg 155] binding of Carrier they were eased.

      Healed the afflicted with bible verse?

    1. So, he is being honored with a shield but also talks to the devil? Is the devil making all of these things happen?

    2. Is he actually communicating with the devil?

    3. will not fear; what can a Satan do unto me!

      This line makes me think trouble is coming

    4. nless written in the Liquor wherewith Witches use to write their Covenants

      Liquor, witchcraft, devils, all in the first paragraph

    5. this extraordinary Time of the Devils coming down in great Wrath upon us,

      Why coming in wrath?

    6. Person molested by Evil Spirits,


    1. Oh the roaring, and singing and dancing, and yelling of those black creatures in the night, which made the place a lively resemblance of hell. And as miserable was the waste that was there made of horses, cattle, sheep, swine, calves, lambs, roasting pigs, and fowl (which they had plundered in the town), some roasting, some lying and burning, and some boiling to feed our merciless enemies

      Okay, the singing and dancing seems like something that would unify everyone together, yet the indians are being depicted as objects from hell? Why is hell being linked to the indians who enjoy singing and dancing? The whole scene just reminds me of a party so it confused me that Rowalndson represents the Indians are being from hell. What does everyone think about this? Is hell being linked to the Indians because of them being different?

    2. were slain and mangled in a barbarous manner,


    3. told me they would kill him as he came homeward)


    4. boiling to feed our merciless enemies

      pretty gross

    5. those black creatures in the night, which made the place a lively resemblance of hell.

      The Indians are just signing and dancing. How is this a resemblance of hell?

    6. barbarous creatures

      Not even a sentence in and already barbarous creatures reference? #Herewego

    1. That they are the vanity of vanities, and vexation of spirit, that they are but a shadow, a blast, a bubble, and things of no continuance. That we must rely on God Himself, and our whole dependance must be upon Him.

      very up and down in the god department. one day love, next envy.

    2. t is good for me that I have been afflicted.”


    3. Affliction I wanted, and affliction I had, full measure (I thought), pressed down and running over.

      again....karma working strong here?

    4. But now I see the Lord had His time to scourge and chasten me.

      How so?

    5. Thankful for life

    6. One hour I have been in health, and wealthy, wanting nothing. But the next hour in sickness and wounds, and death, having nothing but sorrow and affliction.

      ouch. more prayer?

    7. When all are fast about me, and no eye open, but His who ever waketh, my thoughts are upon things past, upon the awful dispensation of the Lord towards us, upon His wonderful power and might, in carrying of us through so many difficulties, in returning us in safety, and suffering none to hurt us.

      I admire the prayer but dont admire that way it is conducted.

    8. Still the Lord went along with us

      where else would he have gone?

    9. squaw

      Woman! Ok makes more sense. Thanks Hannah

    10. My sister’s son was redeemed for four pounds

      i hate seeing money linked with loved ones. Clearly, that's all it's about

    11. thinking how it suffered with its wounds, and I was no way able to relieve it; and how it was buried by the heathen in the wilderness from among all Christians

      these memories will stick like glue. but hey, this whole experience will

    12. The twenty pounds, the price of my redemption, was raised by some Boston gentlemen

      Buying back. oh god here we go!

    13. I met with my dear husband

      out of the blue. More time, no?

    14. There I met with my brother, and my brother-in-law, who asked me, if I knew where his wife was? Poor heart! he had helped to bury her, and knew it not.

      Confusing. delirious here??

    15. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy

      very preachy

    16. but desired to wait God’s time, that I might go home quietly, and without fear.

      maybe that was a sign from god

    17. and go home along with me. I told him no:

      uhm...why? take the aid

    18. ards they assented to it, and seemed much to rejoice in it; some asked me to send them some bread, others some tobacco, others shaking me by the hand, offering me a hood and scarfe to ride in

      natives im guessing

    19. and many times devilish cruelty to the English.

      karma karma karmmmma

    20. They would eat horse’s guts, and ears, and all sorts of wild birds which they could catch; also bear, venison, beaver, tortoise, frogs, squirrels, dogs, skunks, rattlesnakes; yea, the very bark of trees; besides all sorts of creatures, and provision which they plundered from the English.

      How is all of this edible?

    21. English! strangely did the Lord provide for them; that I did not see (all the time I was among them) one man, woman, or child, die with hunger.

      Lord take over

    22. I cannot but remember how the Indians derided the slowness, and dullness of the English army, in its setting out

      I can see where the frustration comes from

    1. . I told them, they had as good knock me in head as starve me to death.

      karma here?

    2. but lay sucking, gnawing, chewing and slabbering of it in the mouth and hand.

      gross imagery

    3. I saw an Englishman stripped naked, and lying dead upon the ground, but knew not who it was.

      What if it were an indian? Would you have stopped??

    1. So like were these barbarous creatures to him who was a liar from the beginning.

      I cant help but feel for the Indians

    2. knew that He laid upon me less than I deserved.

      I thought it was a bad situation before.

    3. barbarous heathens

      nice to call the natives. #not really

    4. forgetting where I was, and what my condition was;


    5. nd she threw a handful of ashes in mine eyes.


    6. He answered me that such a time his master roasted him, and that himself did eat a piece of him, as big as his two fingers, and that he was very good meat.

      what?! i mean little options i guess but wow!

    1. my master being gone, who seemed to me the best friend that I had of an Indian,

      positive light here

    2. complained it was too heavy, whereupon she gave me a slap in the face,


    3. she found me sitting and reading in my Bible; she snatched it hastily out of my hand, and threw it out of doors.

      religion used as a weapon here. literally!

    4. Nux,” which did much rejoice my spirit.

      nay nay!

    5. It was upon a Sabbath-day-morning

      intense start! sabbath day

    1. always based on religion

    2. And His goodness in bringing to my hand so many comfortable and suitable scriptures in my distress.

      Good natured thing to do

    3. Some of the Indians ran one way, and some another.

      Interesting how they're able and willing to separate

    1. On the Saturday they boiled an old horse’s leg which they had got, and so we drank of the broth, as soon as they thought it was ready, and when it was almost all gone, they filled it up again.

      Little resources, little options

    1. Wait on the Lord, Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine Heart, wait I say on the Lord.”

      I can sense the calm temperament and patience

    2. nd she very big with child, and had but one week to reckon, and another child in her arms, two years old


    3. where I saw the ground was newly digged, and there they told me they had buried it.

      How do you feel about the secret burial? Should she have been told?

    4. I cannot but take notice how at another time I could not bear to be in the room where any dead person was, but now the case is changed; I must and could lie down by my dead babe, side by side all the night after

      And I think it's bad walking to class in the winter..

    5. how righteous it was with God to cut off the thread of my life and cast me out of His presence forever

      God can do no evil

  4. Sep 2015
    1. that they fell upon him as if they would have eaten him : some of them were so violent that they would have a slice with scabbard and all for haste

      This is insane!!!

    2. that no violence should be offered to his no violence

      Making a deal?

    3. The Captain ripped and tore his clothes for anger, to see the empty nest, and their bird gone.

      Agreed, great imagery. Nice to read something humerous

    4. he as peremptorily replied, that he would not say whether he had, or he had not done as they had been informed.

      Seems really unnecessary to not tell.

    5. Beaver,

      Re-occurring. Significance?

    6. conspired together against mine host especially, (who was the owner of that Plantation) and made up a party against him


    7. ey did creepe and winde into the good opinion of the illiterate multitude,

      Saying the indians are easily influenced because they are illiterate?

    8. the meanes, they crie, alas, poore Soules

      What is the "meanes" continually being mentioned? "The meanes they crie, poor souls, where is the meanes? You Feeme betrayed to be without the meanes"

    9. The Separatists, envying the prosperity and hope of the Plantation at Ma-re Mount,

      Not having it! Sorry Marymount!

    10. This harmeles mirth made by younge men, (that lived in hope to have wifes brought over to them, that would save them a labour to make a voyage to fetch any over,) was much distasted of the precise Separatists

      Two opposing sides here

    11. beaver coats

      why beaver?

    12. Neclar is a thing aJJigiHd

      sluuur sllluuuur sllllur

    13. boycs

      Merry boys?

    14. knowinge the wine would make them Proteftants

      What other options did they really have?

    15. uhm....okay

    16. id from that time afterwards call the English Planters Wotawquenange, which in their language signifieth stabbers, or Cutthroats:

      Accurate depiction

    17. hanging salvages about their necks,)

      Wow, shocking 180 here

    18. Thus doe they paffe awaye the time merrily, not regarding our pompe,

      The language is very difficult to translate

    19. They are not delighted in baubles, but care ‘ in ufefull things…

      Saying they care about important things?

    20. A bifket cake given to one, that one breakes it equally into fo many parts

      Showing a generous and healing side of the Indians

    21. many commodities of our Nation, yet they keepe but fewe, and thofe of fpeciall ufe

      What commodities?

    22. hat I would let his son be brought up in my not savage house, that he might be taught to read in that book

      "All Hail the mighty powerful god!" Harsh

    23. what Kytan has commanded us

      Commanded? How so? Proof?

    24. because they were good) went to the house of Kytan, pointing to the setting of the sun;


    25. savages‘ where they imagine is the habitation of the Devil) the other,

      Savages and Devil compared side by side? Justifiable?

    26. and made God so angry that he let in the sea upon them, and drowned the greater part of them

      Wow. Very graphic but also irritates me that God is depicted as causing such chaos and violence. Who established this??

    27. alvages are found to be without religion, law, and king (as Sir William Alexander has well observed) they are not altogether without the knowledge of God (historically.)

      Found to be without religion but use God against them?

    1. arth hath enough of what you will. Then let not go what thou maist find For things unknown only in mind.

      Earthly possessions mean nothing compared to the health of your mind

    2. Meditation?

      Knowledge of one's true self

    1. Till snatcht from thence by friends, less wise than true, Who thee abroad expos'd to public view, Made thee in rags, halting to th' press to trudge, Where errors were not lessened (all may judge)

      Love the poetry style here. She seems upset that her work got exposed without her permission?

    1. Let Greeks be Greeks, and women what they are

      Woman what they are?

    2. Art can do much, but this maxim's most sure: A weak or wounded brain admits no cure.

      Stay strong mentally, or you got nothing!

    1. Those seven that were killed at Lancaster the summer before upon a Sabbath day, and the one that was afterward killed upon a weekday, were slain and mangled in a barbarous manner, by one-eyed John, and Marlborough’s Praying Indians, which Capt. Mosely brought to Boston, as the Indians told me.

      A lot of heartbreak and blood shed!

    2. my children gone, my relations and friends gone, our house and home and all our comforts—within door and without—all was gone (except my life), and I knew not but the next moment that might go too.

      Everything is slipping away

    3. which made the place a lively resemblance of hell.

      Seems a bit rude

    1. Besids, here the people are but few in comparison of other places, which are full & populous, and lye hid, as it were, in a wood or thickett, and many horrible evills by yt means are never seen nor [461]knowne; wheras hear, they are, as it were, brought into ye light, and set in ye plaine feeld, or rather on a hill, made conspicuous to ye veiw of all…

      Trash talking here?

    2. our corrupte natures,

      Just accepting your corrupt? God's plan too?

    1. kill their katle, and lye in ambush for them as they went abroad upon their occasions; and all this they might easily doe without any or litle danger to them selves

      So being sneaky bastards is the moral way to to things?

    1. t may be thought strang that these people should fall to these extremities in so short a time,

      These people, to indians, to barbarians? Such a change

    1. If any did unjustly warr against him, they would aide him; if any did warr against them, he should aide them

      tit for tat

    2. .

      break it, buy it?

    3. yessss

    4. most sadd & lamentable was, that in 2. or 3. moneths time halfe of their company dyed, espetialy in Jan: & February, being ye depth of winter, and wanting houses & other comforts; being infected with ye scurvie & [55] other diseases, which this long vioage & their inacomodate condition had brought upon them; so as ther dyed some times

      I'm wondering how he stayed alive. What did he do differently?

    1. Besids, what could they see but a hidious & desolate wildernes, full of wild beasts & willd men?

      Different locations, different people, different perspective. This guy is acting like he's God

    2. So they com̅ited them selves to ye will of God, & resolved to proseede

      Slaves for God? Doesn't sound too good

    3. which ye shipe was shroudly shaken, and her upper works made very leakie; and one of the maine beames in ye midd ships was bowed & craked, which put them in some fear that ye shipe could not be able to performe ye vioage. So some of ye cheefe of ye company, perceiveing ye mariners to feare ye suffisiencie of ye shipe

      I can't help but think they have no time to make any sort of plan. All of these distractions are just too much to handle.

    4. These troubls being blowne over, and now all being compacte togeather in one shipe,[AE] they put to sea againe with a prosperus winde, which continued diverce days togeather, which was some incouragmente unto them;

      He seems more concerned about the opposing personalities colliding, rather than the journey itself. Some phrases that stood out for me were "diverse days together" and "compacted".

    1. I must begine at ye very roote & rise of ye same.

      I think he's trying to say let me connect my truths to my writing. He seems really passionate already

    1. The latter killed in that pueblo Fray Juan de la Pedrosa, two Spanish women, and three children. There died also at the hands of the said enemies in Galisteo Joseph Nieto, two sons of Maestre de Campo Leiva, Francisco de Anaya, the younger, who was with the escort, and the wives of Maestre de Campo Leiva and Joseph Nieto, with all their daughters and families.

      More death? Where is the resolution??

    2. This makes me sick. No remorse for brutally murdering all of these people. If I see God as a justice word here I'll be upset

    3. ith a squadron of soldiers sufficient to investigate this case and also to attempt to extinguish the flame of the ruin already begun

      Seems a bit excessive to send a huge group of soldiers. Already putting up a huge defense!

    4. for it had been a long time since they had done us any considerable damage.

      Asking for it!

    5. Nice gesture

    6. Makes me sad.

    1. So heartless! All the work paid off tho??

    2. Heavy and deep faith/Belief

    3. “If I end his life, my own life is ended.”

      thinking ahead, wise!

    4. They had no calendar and that was the best way they had of setting the date.

      Makes more sense now

    5. wanted all the young girls to be brought to him when they were about thirteen or fourteen years old.


    6. Why so secret? Red flag right there

    7. .


    8. Some died for lack of food and water, while others developed scabs and sores on their bodies.

      I was thinking about body ailments, and this confirmed it! Gross

    9. No sympathy here, wow. This is way too harsh.

    10. They were so scared that they could do nothing but allow themselves to be made

      Fear turned into submission??

    11. How did they decide?