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  1. May 2017
    1. As a student of Communication and Public Relations l consider myself a "neutral" person. I don't think it is Google fault or any search engine about what people decide to educate and informed themselves. Whether it is for good intentions or bad intentions to use that knowledge. Good and bad intentions are a human nature that will never go away as it is a part of us. The way you use it will define and shape the people who you tell them to.

    2. It is very interesting how this article talks about how Google's search engine is a reflection of our society. The suggestions it gives throughout our search are suggestions that people are also asking themselves and rather the top 4 be harsh and bad. We have to remind ourselves that people are the ones searching for these answers, it is as stated a "information war". You might not agree to it or the top pages listed for those answers but it is the reality we have. In this case people really want to learn if Jews, men, women and Muslims are bad. I bet there is people who think Hitler wasn't the "bad or evil" person from WW2.

    3. This article comes to show you that technology has its positive and negative sides. Throughout believes given to us by our nuclear family some people truly believe this to be true and decide to google this to confirm and educate themselves on "why". Reasons to know why "jews are evil"and let me tell you this, "evil" can manifest itself in different ways, races, gender and it has many faces.