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  1. Nov 2017
    1. frequent exercises of the students, in their hours of recreation

      It is interesting to think that in the time that this document was made there was such a big focus on warfare. Today we simply workout in order to maintain good health; however, the founders of the University saw exercise as necessary in order to keep the men suited to be soldiers if need be.

    2. as men and citizens, being then the objects of education in the primary schools

      At the time that this document was written only men and citizens would be permitted to attend the University of Virginia. Women were not granted acceptance into the University until 1969.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. The advantages of this plan are, greater security against fire & infection; tranquillity & comfort to the Professors, and their families thus insulated;

      It’s interesting to me that in 1818 the biggest concerns were fires and infection. This makes sense because there were no fire trucks at the time that could have put out a fire fast. Also, the medicine of the time was not as effective as it is nowadays. Comfort and tranquillity are still main concerns but if there were to be a new college made today they would probably not have fires and disease at the top of their agenda.

    2. as by law required at the tavern in Rockfish gap on the blue ridge,

      This is a plaque located at Rockfish Gap. I find it interesting that the meeting was held at a Hotel tavern instead of a formal setting because this was a meeting required by law.