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  1. Oct 2015
    1. Such questions can and should be addressed by scholars from multiple disciplines and by a procedurate public.

      yes interdisciplinary. not sure about what we can do to make a public "procedurate." or if we want to. public is mob/swarm oriented for me.

    2. flash points, moments when software exposes


    3. Oulipo conceptual writin

      Lol like we're not allowed to say Oulipo's work is important in itself. Really happy to see conceptual writing get a shout out in this project, though. Could even get wild and link this to Fluxus.

    4. The atmosphere

      the clouds aren't just clouds anymore, when it rains it pours / reign pours

    5. Law

      Law. Powerful word. Also has connotations with rules/regulations/constraints/procedures/algorithms

    6. This focus on particular moments allows me to look carefully at a series of rhetorical situations, teasing out how the complexities of hospitality are being negotiated and determining what this situation can tell us about software, rhetoric, and ethics in networked life


    7. We might say that they iterate through solutions, testing out possibilities.

      can this be their answerability?

    8. heuristics

      and antihistamines

    9. coping

      as if there was a trauma or psychological breakdown? a break from reality that demands attention?

      not sure if these moments always lead to ethical decisions... for who?

    10. In this book, these ethical problems are addressed by way of software and by examining how computational machines move between two poles: an unconditional hospitality that defines ethics and relationality as such and a conditional hospitality that is cultivated in our attempts to deal with “the swarm.” Studying how software moves between these two poles—the conditional and unconditional—is crucial as we design and live within our networked dwellings.

      Great. buzz buzz. deleuze. bee-coming. cultivation. hive mine. honey combing.

    11. hospitality.

      I love how this concept is being used/worked

    12. Ethical Programs extends her question about answerability and ethics from circuit switching to packet switching, from Bell to Berners-Lee.

      Answerability is such a great word/metaphor/framework

    13. Ethical Programs extends her question about answerability and ethics from circuit switching to packet switching, from Bell to Berners-Lee.

      "Answerability" is such a great word/metaphor/framework

    14. When I answer my phone, I have already said “yes”

      This is like those horror movies, like Scream.

    15. This book suggests not that networked computing creates the predicament of hospitality but rather that it takes up this very old problem—the problem of others arriving whether we invited them or not—over and over again.

      Great way to think about this. Are we going to learn a strategy to get rid of the fool who always shows up to the party unwelcomed?

    16. The line between online and offline, never very clear to begin with, is now difficult to trace at all.

      living always already linear and without a trace

    17. It means never really getting to decide in any thoroughgoing way who or what enters your “home” (your apartment, your laptop, your iPhone, your thermostat).

      So I'm going to live in fear?