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  1. Mar 2015
    1. On the other hand, to talk of the so-called transmission of the Japanese values as part of value-oriented diplomacy is a little different in nuance. If I am asked what is one of the unique values which Japan should make known to other countries, I would say, for example, that Japan has, as you know very well, a long history of adopting and adapting different cultures of different countries. For examples, when Chinese characters were introduced into Japan, the hiragana and katakana syllabaries were created out of them. And when Buddhism was introduced into Japan, a mixed form of Buddhism and Shintoism was created. Once guns arrived in Japan, several years later Japan had become the largest exporter of guns. Today we are a country proud of our technologies. How should we, for example, disseminate the historical image of Japan as an open and adaptable society and utilize it in actual diplomacy? There might be various approaches including those which we are now discussing.

      is this real?

    2. Mizuno, Kyodo News: As Minister you have emphasized the strengthening of relations with countries that share our values through bilateral talks. Former Prime Minister Abe also seemed to have pushed ahead with something called value-oriented diplomacy. Please share with us your vision or objective in strengthening relations with countries sharing common values. Minister: As for the idea of transmitting values through our diplomacy, I have just proposed to officials in the Ministry to start discussion of it. It is now under discussion, including how we can achieve the transmission of such values while avoiding misunderstanding. I believe that it is a vitally important interest for Japan to protect at least what we call democratic values, especially in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, we are now searching for appropriate methods of transmitting values including, for example, putting a stronger emphasis on human security, that is, respecting the dignity of every single person or allowing the expression of his or her abilities. What we should do is not simply impose our values but rather to share what are regarded as almost common values among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Discussing how to achieve this will, I think, actually lead to the creation of stability among these countries. Please note that I have made the proposal in question with this aim and in this context.

      values-oriented foreign policy

    1. Delivering Japanese values such as peace and environment through Japanese art

      is 'environment' a value?

    1. In promoting all these activities in the Asia-Pacific, a region full of diversity, I hope to make good use of Japanese values, notably the diligence, politeness, and patience of the Japanese people. It is no exaggeration to say that flexible assimilation of other cultures while respecting age-old traditions is part of Japanese culture and history. This is a Japanese virtue. It is important to cherish cultures, traditions, and values deep-rooted in this diverse region. I believe that Japan – which has its roots in Asian values and at the same time has flexibly assimilated western values – has a unique role to play in this region.

    1. All look like reasonable choices. Maybe indicates that LDP/govt has seen how previous 'political' appointments (Hyakuta / Hasegawa) cab backfire OR perhaps getting Mimii appointed was their intention and new he's there, job done!

  2. Feb 2015
    1. speakers that play classical music are installed on each barrel for the 30-day fermentation stage using yeast. Songs played are Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 and 41, which were selected after comparing sake produced using various genres of music. Playing these songs at 75~120db was found to stimulate yeast activity and create a mellow taste with reduced astringency and bitterness.

      One can only assume they were utterly hammered when they came up with this idea. I wonder what the process was for choosing Mozart... did they compare the results with say, ABBA, or, Extreme Noise Terror, or AKB48? FFS...

    2. refined and fruity flavor that sparks the imagination about space.

      aah yes, 'refined and fruity', that just about sums 'space' up for me...

    1. why ruin everything with the stifling and discrediting hand of official sponsorship

      Same might be said of the new idea for a 'new style' international broadcaster. Unless your 'trusted' already, government involvement isn't going to increase trust...