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  1. Apr 2019
    1. A paternalistic figure who once said that “women can’t write symphonies,”

      What do you think about this sentences? At that time, women musicians was not supported by the society because of the gender role?

    2. she avoided studying with the master of 12-tone composition.

      Why she wants to avoid?

    3. “composing babies.”

      What did she mean by that? Did she mean the pieces she wrote did not reach up the expectation she wants?

    4. “String Quartet 1931,”

      From my perspective, this piece was kind of annoying and the melody was "terrible". Do you have any thought about this piece?

    5. French Neo-Classicism was “sickeningly sweet inanity,”

      Why she wrote "sickeningly sweet inanity"? What is the purpose of this sentence?