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  1. Aug 2016
    1. This is a really clear breakdown of the different kinds of contributions a practice-related research project can make, especially in creative practice. As you say these categories are not mutually exclusive, and I think often the way they bleed is most interesting for creative practice research.

      I think perhaps another aspect that is part of this conversation is 'intention'. This for me is the difference between the kind of research and contribution artists make as opposed to researchers (that use an art practice as part of their research). A researcher's intentions need to have a scope beyond their own practice. The intention also needs to have a trajectory beyond that singular project. When I say 'intention' I do not mean a clear set of guidelines and questions that unfold logically and rationally toward a clear point. I just listened to a lecture by Pia Ednie-Brown at RMIT University who named intention as a tension between the involuntary and the elicited. It includes both discovery and invention.