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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Valbona's story In this photo, Valbona and her husband are pictured in the front yard of their house. Valbona is a hardworking woman and very dedicated to her work in livestock/agriculture. She owns eight dynyms of agricultural land and has rented another two dynyms, where she plants potatoes, apples, and grain. By selling her items, Valbona makes an annual profit of USD 2,700. Her husband continues his work in construction for a monthly pay of USD 194.30. He always finds time to help Valbona with her engagement in livestock/agriculture. They are both happy that their two children are successfully following their studies. Valbona comes again, for the fifth time, to request your financial help. She needs to have a surgery for her breast, which she really wont be malignant so that she will heal quickly.