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  1. Apr 2018
    1. I remember heaven.I remember hell.

      I suppose she's saying that she's been through a lot but she won't say it.

    2. lines of “Low Rain, Roof Fell.”

      Very interestingly, this author finds inspiration everywhere. She seems like a very interesting person to talk to.

    3. through poetry, it was always safe to communicate.

      I agree that through poetry, one can communicate their feeling and what they want to express figuratively. Through the use of figurative language in poetry, the reader is open to susception, because we aren't certain what the authors intent is.

      This reminds me of our lesson about certain vs chaos.

    4. there were so many famous poems by not-so-famous poets.

      Perhaps that is due to the competition. The author perhaps didn't get famous because they didn't want that type of recognition. Maybe they are just freelance poets.

    5. “I remember, I remember,/The house where I was born” are the first two lines of a famous poem called “I Remember, I Remember”

      I suppose this is where she got her inspiration to title this poem.

    6. I remember

      What is Mary Ruefle trying to emphasize by repeating "I remember" throughout the poem?