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  1. Apr 2017
    1. #ThirstIsTheRealTerrorist

      Thirst is no laughing matter.

    2. Expressing emotions and not murdering anyone, while wearing a headscarf.

      They're not all monsters. We didn't want to generalize on such a negative topic.

    3. extremely obvious actress in a headscarf

      We needed to make the point of advocating harmony across different cultures as clear as possible.

    4. some sort of lady-related charity

      Because random charities that we have no knowledge of their purposes are the best recipients.

    5. Tropicana® Orange You Glad Slavery Was Abolished Pavilion

      This isn't insensitive It's a meaningful reference to the progress we have made as a society.

    6. branded

      It's a clever play on the physical scarring that was dealt to those who deserved it at the time. It's not at all immoral to throw into the mix.

    7. attractive protesters ages 12-24

      Young attractive people are what catch the eyes of the viewers. They are the future and the change in the world. They are the spackle to the long-standing pillars of society.