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  1. Oct 2020
    1. the relationship between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – all of which paved the way for the Civil Wars, and


    1. 33 staff members, and 12 patients


    2. auma nurse at the hospital.


    3. Hospital policy requires testing all patients for the virus when they are admitted, and daily screening for symptoms thereafter, the


    4. postpone taking the next step in the city’s reopening plan because an increasing share of tests have been coming back positive: 3.5 percent in the week ended Sept. 26, compared with 2.7 percent the week before.

      Broader impact on economy - college campuses, tourism.

    5. lack of regular and convenient testing for staff members without symptoms.

      Why wasn't more testing done?

    1. The percentage who believe the false information is consistent.

    2. Last year, a paper published in Science found that people over the age of 65 were seven times as likely as those ages 30 to 44, the youngest group included in that survey, to share articles from websites that spread false information during the 2016 presidential campaign.

      Why are the results different now?