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  1. May 2018
    1. But when checking sources becomes as simple as clicking a link what do we think will turn up everyone else’s footnotes?

      I think transparency is crucial when it comes to conducting solid research, when you pull from sources that can be checked it only strengthens the argument.

    2. you are only a click away from scans of many of the declassified primary sources Suri used to develop his argument. This gives the reader a radically transparent view into the source material supporting the case Suri argues.

      This is a game changer because with such easy access to a historians sources it almost forces them to be more diligent in terms of ensuring the research that they have done and and the content used to back their claims is credible.

    1. macroscope is a bit like a microscope or a telescope, but instead of allowing you to see things that are small or far away, the macroscope makes it easier to grasp the incredibly large

      Very philospical concept that, looks easier said than done.