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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Not only do these counter-rhetorics directly respond to and resist the original exigence, they also expand the lived experience of the original rhetorics by adding to them - even while changing and expanding their shape. The anti-weird rhetorics of Austin add to the "weird rhetoric" ecology through a practice of mixture and encounters of extended proximity.

      Interesting to think about how counter-rhetoric can be additive and can change the meaning of the original rhetoric, even while trying to work against that original rhetoric.

    2. at exigen

      exigencies - an urgent need or demand

  2. Sep 2016
    1. reconnoitering,

      Making a military observation of an area.

    2. Harz region

      Highest mountain range in Northern Germany

    3. Because the public trusts in commercial messages, they seek out the materialitems that double as signs of privilege. In this mindset, the material is demanded based on publicity-created fixation rather than need (or even want), for prior to the publicity, the individual is not aware that he or she either requires or desiresthe item.

      Maybe discuss further?

    1. While outdated laws are often overturned when the norms informing them have sufficiently evolved, our exclusionary built environment, which was created in the past, continues to regulate in the present.

      This reminds me of the idea of unconscious bias, in that even if one is aware of social issues and passes regulations/legislation against them, there will still be an existing social structure/ideology that is much harder to fight against.