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  1. May 2019
    1. fork to make a copy of someone else's repo. clone to copy a repo online onto your own computer.

      So the difference between these two is that fork makes a copy of a repo onto your github page, while clone copies a repo onto your computer, right?

    2. link outwards to four websites that are relevant to your piece.

      I tried the two methods of inserting image - Inline style and reference style. But the output of both seemed to be the same. I wonder what I have done wrong here?

    3. Markdown syntax

      I tried some Markdown syntax in Dillinger. Seems like some groups of symbols can achieve the same thing, for example, '-' and '' both create bullet list format, '>' and enclosing '' both make italic font style. Are those groups of symbols used interchangably? Or they actually have unique meanings?

    4. is an environment for creating documents that have running code inside of them.

      Could somebody explain what is the purpose of having running code inside of a document? Or any examples? I can't seem to comprehend.

    5. the right side shows you what your text will look like if you converted the text to HTML.

      Is HTML a markdown language?

    1. surveillance capitalism

      "I define surveillance capitalism as the unilateral claiming of private human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data. These data are then computed and packaged as prediction products and sold into behavioral futures markets — business customers with a commercial interest in knowing what we will do now, soon, and later." — Shoshana Zuboff.

    1. take a copy of this site for your own remixing.

      I actually tried this. I clicked the edit button and it redirected me to the github page. But I noticed that the content on github was not exactly the same with this site. Why is it different? The two sites are not synchronized?

    1. The point here is not to stump you, but to push you from your current comfort level.

      An interesting way to learn the course material and do assignments. I never had any courses that were taught like this. Looking forward to trying this out!