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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Advising Communities, Academic Advisor, Career Center, Chaplain/Campus Pastor, Classmates, Common/Community Time, Dean, Department Chair, Dorm/Residence Hall/Res Hall, Extracurriculars, Health Services/Wellness Center/Counseling Services, Intramurals/IM’s, Learning Communities, Multicultural Office, Office Hours, Ombudsman, Peer Advisor, President/Chancellor, Professor, Provost, R.A. (Resident Assistant)/C.A (Community Advisor)/House Fellow, Recreation Center/Rec Center, Resident Director, Residential Life/Housing, Student Activities/Organizations, Student Employment Office/Human Resources/Job Center, Student Support Services (SSS)/TRIO Office, Student Union/Center, Study Abroad/Off-Campus Studies, Teaching Assistant (TA)/Lab Assistant (LA)/Preceptor, Transfer, Work Study, Writing Lab/Writing Center

      Networking and making connection to your campus resources can help you and your student open opportunities. This allows your students to be familiarized with what type of resources that are available for them and also have job opportunities for them too as well.

    2. Visit the career center to see what resources and handouts they have, and collect copies to keep in your office to distribute to students

      I used this a lot during my undergrad at my university and i will give this advice to my students as well. The career center helps you with your resume, mock interviews and as well help you find internships.

    3. TARGETED OUTREACHFor those students who expressed interest in studying abroad or might be a great candidate for a specific opportunity, reach out to offer to connect them to resources for exploring and preparing for programs, as well as offering wour own support with the process

      I've done many different study aboard programs and it's always a great way to interact with students and tell them your experience and what you learned. By doing this, gives the opportunity for the students to build more interest in exploring and preparing themselves for abroad programs.