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  1. Nov 2021
    1. xpanding the self-service aspect of the Red Marker platform

      Is there a way to develop a DSL for rule building.

      E.g. "If the word XYZ is mentioned, then ensure Disclaimer ABC is present on the same page".

    2. also adding a process for a scheduled code review (e.g., bi-weekly instead of prior to merge). This can be conducted either by the technical lead or peers and is performed outside the cycle of a deployment in their own time without the pressure of a production release

      I really like this idea, it would allow critique of design decisions and lead to better adherance to design/architecture without the time-pressure of feature delivery.

    3. Red Marker will benefit from a more formalised and structure governance process to ensure that the right knowledge is retained in a timely manner

      We need to put some better structure into the tech eval process and build / publish tools around the Documentation repo.

    4. Red Marker to conduct an independent Security Architecture Review

      Good idea, start with AWS well architected and discuss with other Pentetst companies. Was not overly imp

    5. performance data

      Not quite sure what they mean by "performance data"

    6. Work on the UI/UX of the current rule building solution to make it easier for customers to start doing some of this themselve

      Does this mean updating Minerva or the App rules? Minerva is almost impenetrable in its current form for non-expert users.

    7. artnerships across the ecosystem

      Should we identify what these partnerships are, or with who?

    8. currently being implemented

      Already live

    9. platform


    10. platform


    11. effect


    12. great learning on how to navigate the internal processes of large enterprise


    13. documenting the approach for open-source technology selection

      Does this mean creating a tech-eval guideline/process?

    14. Hiring tech lead / architect

      Could also be described as creating capacity for existing staff to focus on leadership or architecture


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