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  1. Mar 2021
    1. No, no, he’s gone.

      I wonder why the dad is so pessimist even thought his companions mentioned to him it might be alive. I guess the writer wanted to add extra drama to the comedy.

  2. Feb 2021
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    1. suddenly tore him, warrior, and devours him. Bit his bone-prison, the blood drank in currents, Swallowed in mouthfuls: he soon had the dead man’s 35 Feet and hands, too, eaten entirely

      This poem is so descriptive It makes the reader open the imagination and keep then on the hook.

    2. No battle-skill has he, t

      this aso show part of compassion since he does not want to fight unequally. Grendel is fighting with strength, Beowulf is fighting with experience.

    3. our bodies expected To shield from the sharks. He sure was unable To swim on the waters further than I could,

      their skin was so hard that not even sharks were able to attack. but he was sure that Breca could not go further than him.

    4. “Art thou that Beowulf with Breca did struggle, On the wide sea-currents at swimming contended, Did you take part in a swimming-match 10 Where to humor your pride the ocean ye tried,

      meaning he lost in the match with Breca and his honorand pride were in game after that.

    5. I have heard on inquiry, the horrible creature From veriest rashness recks not for weapons;

      A the create fights and killed with no weapon. Beowulf wants to fight equally.

    6. Not to refuse me, defender of warriors, Friend-lord of folks, so far have I sought thee, That I may unaided, my earlmen assisting me, 60 This brave-mooded war-band, purify Heorot.

      Bewolf request to everyone to not only not interfere but also to go in battle with no weapons.

    7. glory.

      this word is constantly repeatedly in the. Honor, Glory and noble.

    8. Was not anywise able evils to ’scape from:

      To see Grendel as the devil itself. to not be able to do anything to protect his mans and people.

    9. Morning-cry mighty. The man-ruler famous,

      even as just a poem you can imagine the level of torture Grendel provide to everyone.

    10. Asleep after supper; sorrow the heroes, Misery knew not. The monster of evil Greedy and cruel tarried but little,

      I wonder how many years did Grendel killed and torture everybody in the Kingdom and how loud what this party for him to be so disturbed.

    11. The belovèd leader laid they down there, By his own request, his body is Giver of rings, on the breast of the vessel, laid on a vessel and wafted The famed by the mainmast. A many of jewels, seaward. Of fretted embossings, from far-lands brought over, Was placed near at hand then

      This poem is not that far from reality: Before the modern era, English people were buried naked within a shroud or winding sheet. and royals royals, it was made of a heavy waxed cloth known as cerecloth. They were buried with jewels as well.

    12. When war assaults him serve him as l

      Provide the noble man any assistant if war is coming.

    13. liegemen:

      a vassal who owes feudal service or allegiance to a nobleman

    14. carle that is young, by kindnesses rendered The ideal Teutonic king lavishes gifts The friends of his father, with fees in abundance on his vassals. Must be able to earn that when age approacheth Eager companions aid him requitingly,

      A common men that with abundance and kindness should be able to received the same amount of help and kindness once he becomes older.

    15. world-honor gained,

      Their culture was base in pride and honor.

    1. persisted on__________________ fiercely sharpened________ _________ ______________ she shone_________ _____________g skill ancient work_________ _____________g of crusts of mud turned away spirit mo________yne put together keen-counselled

      I do not understand this part of the poem. Are they trying to interpret the torment and the wind with the underscore space ?

    2. Wulf is on one island I on another. That island, surrounded by fens, is secure. There on the island are bloodthirsty men.

      Wulf is trapped in the island. guard are escorting him and they have orders to kill him if he escape I think.

    3. that his love robbed him of his sleep.

      What is this sentence mean? someone kill his love one?

    4. True is the tale that I tell of my travels,

      I love this sentence. It's how a tailor tells the story and is the hook to proof that this is a true story.

    5. And so these buildings grow desolate, and this red-curved roof parts from its tiles of the ceiling-vault.

      Its expressing how sad this building never got to get use. None one was got to live in there.

    6. Often this wall, lichen-grey and stained with red, experienced one reign after another,

      The wall that are stained are showing the background of the walls. Might be the blood from different reign trying to conquer this walls. so many generations of fights had happened and everything is marked on the walls.

    7. There are loving friends alive on the earth; they have their bed; while alone at dawn

      She compare herself with her friends that has someone to lay down in bed a partner, while she sleep alone with sadness.

    8. so that we should live most wretchedly, most widely sundered in the world, and a yearning came upon me.

      I believe he wanted them to be separate so he can be with the wife and gain power in the land.

    9. had sorrow at dawn as to where in the land my lord might be. Then I set out, a friendless exile,

      whit that pain she separate of her own friends.

    10. For many years I had an excellent office and a gracious Lord, until now Heorrenda, a skillful man, has inherited the land once given to me by the protector of warriors. That went away, this also may.

      He tells the history of the land he was living and mentioned how every situation in history happened but has and end.

    11. In Beadohild’s mind her brothers’ death was not as grieving as her own situation, when she realized she was pregnant; she couldn’t fathom the outcome.

      She felt his brothers dead was not as painful to the fact to know she was pregnant.

    12. he held dominion in the kingdom of the Goths. Many men sat, full of sorrow, anticipating trouble and constantly praying for the fall of his country.

      Meaning that people were working for him knowing how cruel he was and waiting for one day to be over.

  4. Jan 2021
    1. Sudden my soul starts from her prison-house,

      Would this mean that he feel in prison or unhappy when he is in a house? That's why he rather the see to be free/

    2. All this life is labor and sorrow, Doom of destiny darkens o’er earth.

      He is regretting and realized that all the hard work and sacrificed was for nothing and the end just suffering and loneliness.

    3. A haughty hero will hide his suffering, Manfully master misery’s pang.

      I Agree with @blakelydimerto and this senteces express how an hero has to suffer in silent to the point that no-ones will know big is pain.

    4. All to myself my sorrow I tell.

      A really delicate way to say all alone by myself. BritishLit_SP21

    5. four Old English manuscript collections

      The four English manuscript collections are the Exeter Book, the Junius Manuscript, the Vercelli Book, and the Beowulf manuscript.