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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Many people viscerally resist the idea of mixing male and female anatomy in multistall bathrooms and locker rooms.

      acknowledges the overarching theme

    2. parity

      "the state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay"

    3. ‘‘Try pointing out your physical characteristics if they will help prove that you belong. For example, if you have breasts, try pointing them out to prove that you belong in the women’s room. If you have a deep voice, try speaking to show that you belong in the men’s room.

      Doesn't this defeat the purpose of "inclusivity?"

    1. Building upon previous quasi-experimental research conducted at the University of Minnesota that found that flexible, technologically enhanced classroom spaces improved student learning (as measured by course grades) more than taking the same course in a traditional classroom setting (Whiteside, Brooks, & Walker, 2010; Brooks, 2011; Walker, Brooks, & Baepler, 2011), the research presented here goes beyond the established evidence that learning spaces, in fact, do matter and begins the process of explaining how learning spaces matter

      links previously stated ideas and dials in on a more direct topic of why the spaces matter thus setting the stage for more in depth analysis

    2. Numerous data collection methods, such as faculty interviews, class observations, course assignment logs, photo surveys, student surveys, and focus groups, were employed in order to evaluate systematically a number of testable hypotheses in service to the larger research question.

      numerous is kind of vague? how can we be sure it's statistically accurate - random sampling etc

    3. pedagogical
  2. Sep 2016
    1. also argues that thepeople of anti-capitalist countries must question power instead of accepting reforms.

      why? Is this way of living better?

    2. ife, I ap


    3. he homeless community’s complete involvement in home building is also the process of understanding that a home is not permanent, yet the act of constructing these homes can define a person through his or her creative response to instability.

      interesting idea - different perspective than Schindler's architectural exclusion. permanence vs. impermanence

    1. transit would enable people who live in poorer areas of the cities to easily access these wealthier areas.

      no metro in georgetown - to reduce crime traffic??

    2. gates

      what do these features say when present on college campuses?

    3. libertarian paternalism

      "is the idea that it is both possible and legitimate for private and public institutions to affect behavior while also respecting freedom of choice, as well as the implementation of that idea."

    4. Yet the bench may have been created this way to prevent people—often homeless people—from lying down and taking naps.

      why? does it matter if they lay down to nap?

    5. race or cla


    6. s—l

      different use of dashes here than in the previous sentence

    7. police forces

      white vs. color differentiating views of police and their roles in both communities

    8. civil engineering, city planning, urban design, and transit routing.

      How can minorities participate in these activities, if they don't have access to higher education or even the means of accessing institutions/facilities? Do you think it makes a difference that this "board of planners" is not necessarily representative of the population as a whole?