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  1. Jun 2017
    1. In 1688 Jamaican plantation society was in full expansion.

      General thought about the shape of the Musical Passage page. Since Sloane has a healthy biography, in the hyperlink for the introduction, perhaps it would be possible to offer "collective biographies" (borrowing Lara Putnam's phrase) of the individuals living in slavery who authored the music? Perhaps as some of the thinking about 'Angola' and 'Koromanti' grows? For simplicity of navigation, tough to say where to hyperlink this. Perhaps to "gathered together," on the main page?

    2. other events

      festivals? other gatherings?

    3. body movement, spirituality, and often, political organizing.

      I wonder if a few more lines here on this connection wouldn't be quite rich. Perhaps some connections to Cuba (Yvonne Daniel?) or North America (Katrina Dyonne Thompson?).