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  1. Nov 2018
    1. Further, in determining infringement, a plaintiff must ultimatelyprove that "defendant copied from plaintiffs copyrighted workand. . .that the copying (assuming it to be proved) went so far asto constitute improper appropriation" of the work.8 Because aplaintiff usually cannot provide direct evidence of copying, one"may establish copying by showing that [the] defendant hadaccess to plaintiffs work and that the two works are 'substantiallysimilar' in idea and in expression of the idea."



  2. Sep 2018
    1. If employees are assigned goals and tasks without the appropriate training, mistakes are likely to surface and only increase over time if not addressed. As mistakes increase, so will the frustration level of the employee, who will begin to feel inadequate and unsupported due to failing to meet objectives.

      goals cannot be achieved correctly without appropriate training leading to mistakes in the future and frustration among employees.

    1. Our continued success is dependent on positive perceptions of Target which, if eroded, could adversely affect our business and our relationships with our guests and team members.

      reputation: maintaining positive brand image- risk if not carefully maintained (can effect relationships with customers, employees, and vendors)

    2. , if we fail to properly manage those third parties, if they fail to meet our performance standards and expectations, including with respect to data security, then our reputation, sales, and results of operations could be adversely affected

      negative effects of not protecting security

    3. If our efforts to protect the security of information about our guests, team members, vendors and other third parties are unsuccessful, we may face additional costly government enforcement actions and private litigation, and our sales and reputation could suffer

      litigation and govt fees because of unsuccessful efforts in protecting info of consumers, workers, and vendors

    4. We are dependent on our vendors

      dependent on vendors

    5. The potential problems and interruptions associated with implementing technology initiatives, as well as providing training and support for those initiatives, could disrupt or reduce our operational efficiency,
      1. disrupt operational efficiency
    6. A significant disruption in our computer systems and our inability to adequately maintain and update those systems could adversely affect our operations and our ability to maintain guest confidence

      disruption with computer systems

    7. n addition, if we are unable to successfully protect any intellectual property rights resulting from our investments, the value received from those investments may be eroded, which could adversely affect our financial condition.

      downfall if after tech improvements intellectual property (IP) is still not being protected-- loss of money

    8. We are currently making, and expect to continue to make, significant investments in technology and selective acquisitions to improve guest experiences across sales channels and improve our supply chain and inventory management systems.

      tech improvements

    9. mproving technology and supply chain infrastructure

      rebuilding and remodeling

    10. We also sell merchandise through periodic exclusive design and creative partnerships and generate revenue from in-store amenities such as Target Café and leased or licensed departments such as Target Optical, Starbucks, and other food service offerings. The majority of our stores also have a CVS pharmacy from which we will generate ongoing annual occupancy-related income (see MD&A and Note 6 of the Financial Statements for more information).

      partnerships with starbucks and cvs

    11. In addition, hardware, software, or applications we develop or procure from third parties or through open source solutions may contain defects in design or manufacture or other problems that could unexpectedly compromise information security


    12. Our systems are subject to damage or interruption from power outages, telecommunications failures, computer viruses, malicious attacks, security breaches, and catastrophic events.


    1. Our business has become increasingly complex as we have expanded our offerings as well as the channels in which we deliver our shopping experience. This increased complexity requires sophisticated technology infrastructure.

      business characteristics

    1. mportant to have well designed policies and procedures to prevent trading on the basis of all types of material non-public information, including information relating to cybersecurity risks and incidents

      importance of policy in the workplace

    2. he costs associated with maintaining cybersecurity protections

      costs associated with protection -- insurance

  3. Jun 2018
    1. Maturing Russian oilmen were striving to become global players, crude production was growing, and oil prices were rising.

      reason for expansion after ussr

    2. Demonstrating its long-term vision, LUKOIL also expanded downstream, buying the Romanian Petrotel refinery, Bulgarian Neftokhim Burgas, and the Ukrainian Odessa refinery.

      downstream expainsion

  4. May 2017
    1. GDP has four major limitations which restrict its use as a measure of well-being.

      fourth issue with GDP

  5. Apr 2017
    1. Danielle Bregoli and her “cash me ousside” meme is less about the simplicity of a funny inside joke; Instead, it reminds us of how white girls who refuse to fit their narrowly prescribed narratives are used for humiliating entertainment


  6. Mar 2017
    1. Cohen says. “Maybe that’s how such moments work: Use as much vibrant color as possible to create the visual equivalent of a shout
    2. belong, declaring their communal identity in a way that’s loud to the point of being deafening,”

      filters give belonging

  7. Feb 2017
    1. I remember starting to act out every second I could because growing up my dad was physically & verbally abusing me since I was 2...not exaggerating, 2 years old

      • Danielle's instagram

      We don't know why certain people do certain thing. We don't know what they are going through and where their story started!