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  1. Feb 2018
    1. People multitask because they believe they can get more done, but Nass has solid evidence that the opposite is usually the case.

      Common belief among many individuals in the age of information, including many millennials, show the belief in the power of multitasking in daily life. As stated by Rhiengold, this is common practice for many young individuals. But contrary to popular belief, mental health takes a great toll as multitasking is utilized more. A study by Time Magazine recently describes how neuroscientist, Dr. Kubu, took time to research the mental activity required in multitasking. His results showed that when trying to utilize it to complete tasks, many were not only unable to complete either task, but are having a false sense of doing two things at once, but doing singular tasks in rapid succession. This does not help in trying to complete work or in becoming efficient.


    2. I'll help us begin the process of learning to control attention by exam-ining how attention works

      As Rheingold goes on to explain, beginning to understand the importance of attention and beginning to utilize it in a efficient manner is the beginning to be successful, especially in our growing age of technology. One of the main ways to utilize our attention is from utilizing it from "distractions". Though some information seems to be beneficial, it might not be the primary information you are looking to analyze, study, or utilize. One of the points that he makes is "focusing attention on relevant portions in a tsunami of information". This allows us to take it piece by piece, fully understanding each piece of text and putting it together.

    3. When you shift your attention, there is always a short interval during which you must reorient, refocus, and filter out competing information in order to move from one stable theme to another,

      This text perfectly describes why multitasking does not succeed. As one embarks on a task, it is meant to take the full attention of your brain. As attention switches to other tasks and events, it shifts your perception on current tasks and the brain must re-align itself back to the task at hand. The deficit of attention is what deters from task completion and slows down the process. Many people in this technological do this and do not realize how detrimental it is to their health and well-being, as well as how it is not helping them to succeed.

    4. ~ It. .., '. · • ·~ 1 ~ • 1· r ' . '···· ,,, •• ,1 Net Smart

      The Supplemental Reading I chose was "Debunking Fake News" by Eugene Kiely. The article discussed the epidemic of Fake News, a moniker for mass overloads of false information, in the digital realm of Facebook. They advocate fighting articles that contain Fake News, upvoting content that debunks it, and using their factcheck site in order to see if the news is fake. This problem arises with the masses believing the grand amount of information overload on the internet and creates disruption in society out of false information and false facts. https://www.factcheck.org/2017/07/debunking-fake-news/

    5. In regard to propaganda the early advocates of universal literacy and a free press envisaged only two possibilities: the propaganda might be true, or it might be false. They did not foresee what in fact has happened, above all in our Western capitalist democracies-

      Conscious Distractions are important to discuss, especially with the problem of fake news. As fake news is normally created with a purpose, it serves as a form of propaganda for the party or organization it benefits, and hurts the organization that it slanders. Often in politics, fake news has gone to slander many members, with no basis in factual evidence and truth. This causes many who don't understand the importance of identifying distractions actively to fall for these schemes and information that is false is spread to them in order to further a false agenda.


    6. 44 Chapter 1 however, you'll need to train yourself to recognize and withdraw attention from activities unrelated to your intended goal of the moment.

      Rheingold bluntly states the importance in withdrawing attention as a key to success. Along with identifying distractions, it is important to withdraw yourself from unrelated information. Many modes of unrelated information often try to hide as useful information, but go on tangents in order to drag the reader and move them from the task at hand. It is important to drain this information out as it is not part of the goal of the moment and creates rifts in being successful.

    7. Unhealthy for everybody • Fatal for a growing number • Addictive for some

      These three points encompass the effects of fake news. Fake News, first and foremost, is curated out of "thin air". It is based in fiction and falsehood and is not beneficial for anyone to indulge in and read. As many begin to read it and spread it to their circles, it becomes fatal. False information is spread to a mass number of individuals and is thought to be true information and becomes truth to many, as individuals put little effort into seeing if it is a distraction. Finally, it is addictive. Interests groups and societies have been created based off the theories and beliefs of many fake news sources, and have stirred up hatred for individuals that do not even deserve it. It also poisons the political community in America and tarnishes it with false data and information. https://www.factcheck.org/2017/07/debunking-fake-news/

    8. all peo-ple and media are available all the time, and in all places, but relatively few people appear to use ubiquitous informational access and social connectiv-ity politely and productively.

      With our full access to wide resources in the internet age, we tend to not fully utilize our resources to be as productive and useful as possible, especially in the classroom. As many individuals take advantage of this access in order to use it inconsiderately for their own needs.

    9. Perhaps, like the memorable image captured in 600 BCE of a Sumerian scribe patiently transcribing cuneiform beside an Akkadian scribe, we will be able to preserve the capacities of two systems and appreciate why both are precious.

      Wolf brings up the example of a Sumerian Scribe in trying to explain why man should incorporate multiple modes of information access. In 600 BCE, the Sumerian Scribes utilized both Cuneiform while the Akkadian Scribe utilized his own form in trying to utilize both forms of writing information as preservation for future individuals to utilize.

    10. 1 Attention! Why and How to Control Your Mind's Most Powerful Instrument In the transmission of knowledge the children and teachers of the future should not be faced with a choice between books and screens, between newspapers and cap-suled versions of the news on the Internet, or between print and other media

      This captivating hook draws in the reader about man's current dilemma in our age of information. At a time where information arrives it boatloads at the click of the button, individuals now have the choice as to which areas to receive and gain knowledge. We ultimately face the choice of accessing our knowledge through traditional means or the growing social norm of the internet. This choice leads to the neglect of one source and the surplus of consumption from the other.

  2. Jan 2018
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    1. Summary of Supplemental Text: http://time.com/time-person-of-the-year-2015-runner-up-black-lives-matter/ Black Lives Matter by Alex Altman

      The article described the creation and impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement. This movement was born out of the sheer amount of reported domestic abuse, inequality, and injustice claims that were witnessed towards African American individuals across the United States. Since the outcomes of cases like Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, and others, the Black Lives Matter Movement has looked to shed light on the importance of this issue in society that was thought to have been "fixed" after the Civil Rights Movement. Though BLM has made strides in sharing awareness, they have and currently face strong opposition from right-wing politics and others who disapprove of their validity. Through this, they continue to share their passion for sharing their message as a movement in history.

    2. Because they do not conform to Western conceptions of writing, they have been dismissed, ignored, and largely excluded from the historical record, th

      As modern society continues, the problem of non-traditional artforms being neglected as writing does not cease to continue. In the case of the Black Lives Matter Movement, they are looked at as more of a gang figure at times than an empowering movement, set to shed light on important issues on society. As a historical set-piece, BLM allows our society and look back to see the injustice that black individuals faced and see the change that was called for and asked by the people of the United States of America. As much as many individuals on the opposing viewpoint believe that Black Lives Matter was insignificant, it was a major turning point. This movement, though not a traditional form of written text, can be easily be seen as a historical record marking a turning point, much like the civil rights movement.

    3. it serves to reinscribe Mohegan history and cosmology into everyday life. A

      Much like how Fitzgerald states that the basket "serves to rein-scribe Mohegan history and cosmology into everyday life". The Black Lives Matter serves the same purpose in their fight against inequality. Through the movement, the black struggle is displayed through everyday life, whether it be police interactions or simple interactions with others. By doing this, the inequality and injustice is spread and seen through all aspects of everyday life http://time.com/time-person-of-the-year-2015-runner-up-black-lives-matter/

    4. The combination of traditional symbols su~h as the Trail o~ Life pat· tern with the four-domed medallions creates a fusion of Mohegan history and cosmology. It is no cause for wonder that a basket of this era might depict the migration story.

      As Fitzgerald begins to peer into the symbolic meaning and analysis of the basket, she sees a much different story. She uses her knowledge of the Mohegan culture to view the basket through a native lense. She sees the amalgamation of "tradition symbols" that "fuse Mohegan History and Cosmology" to tell the story of their migration. Rather than assuming it to show their disconnect from their culture, the basket represents their journey to creating a new settlement.

    5. "The message;' she writes, "was that people would lose their Mohegan identity when they left the tribal lands:'

      McMullen writes and begins to explain her analysis as a non-native. She explains that the basket signifies the Mohegan struggle to connect with their past as the lose their identity to the growing English identity and their identity faces persecution. This is much like the Black Lives Matter movement in which they feel like their people are being persecuted and result in a tarnished identity, leading them to work as a movement to fight their opression. Unlike the Mohegans, who simply acknowledged their loss. The BLM movement has allowed for a growing awareness of oppression and great coverage to the injustice that people of African American descent face. http://time.com/time-person-of-the-year-2015-runner-up-black-lives-matter/

    6. A spiritual force is present in this Mohegan manuaa. One of the primary symbols of the basket, perhaps the most important symbol found in Mohe-gan culrure, is the four-domed medallion. It is thought to represent the four directions, or four cardinal points, as well as the interrelationship of the soul, earth, and universe. 73 Through the use of this symbol, the basket pattern offers a view into traditional Mohegan belief and cosmology. T

      Fitzgerald adds in a secondary source along with her analysis of the primary source of the basket to further explain its importance. She goes into explaining the "spiritual force" present in the basket. The designs on the basket greatly signify the importance of Mohegan cosmology in their theological beliefs and traditions and it played a great role in their lives. By utilizing this secondary source, Fitzgerald can further prove the basket's importance to the Mohegan society, especially in their spiritual walks.

    7. The designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply culturally significant

      The designs are clearly important into magnifying into the Mohegan culture and lifestyle of the time period that they were created in. When viewing the basket, the patterns, symbols, and designs are meant to encompass all aspects how the Mohegans lived and interacted with one other. They utilized these baskets from aspects of agricultural work to their spiritual life. All areas of their life were embodied through the life of a basket and it's multiple uses.

    8. The Mohegan covered manuaa, or basket, pictured here is lined with an 1817 Hartford, Connecticut, newspaper, thereby fixing the date of the basket at 1817 or earlier. Newspaper linings were common practice during the nineteenth cenrury.69

      The particular Mohegan basket that is being discussed is seen to have been lined by an 1817 newspaper from Hatford, Connecticut. At first glance, one may infer that the lining could maybe hinder the date of creation by it being lined by an older newspaper, but the opposite is quite the case. The lining is was used commonly to store the contents and protect the overall structure of this basket. This can go to show that those held these baskets knew that they hold great value to society within their intricate designs and patterns and there was effort to preserve them. Though this is evident, the majority of society set these objects aside rather than viewing them as historical artifacts.

    9. In sum, by touching every aspect of daily Native life, both past and present, basketry is imbued with cultural and spiritual power. 63

      By looking at the richness of cultural, religious, and social significance that Mohegan basketry embodies, it is difficult to imagine why these baskets where not considered in historical significance.

      The rich history that the baskets hold surpass many other forms of writing. Through illustration, the design, and the patterns the engulf the baskets, many stories can be told. The sheer use of the basket in multiple events including religious purposes, ceremonies, transportation, and games show the importance of these baskets in all facets of life.

      Though the Mohegans utilized the baskets in multiple ways, it was neglected by outside societies and perceived as a mere object of only agricultural significance and neglected the greater significance of the baskets and their impact on Mohegan life.

    10. Because they do not conform to Western conceptions of writing, they have been dismissed, ignored, and largely excluded from the historical record, thus obscuring the long history of Native texts and textualities.

      The Mohegan tradition of utilizing art as a way to preserve memories of their culture has long been categorized outside of the genre of "writing". As the text stated earlier, Mohegans utilized the same worded for writing as the word for painting, further exploring the idea of defining what writing can be. Since their culture did not have an established alphabet, they utilized symbols, shapes, and signs to express their ideas. Since the tradition was held by the Mohegans long before the settlers recognized them as objects of cultural expression, it is understandable that this foreign practice was not considered as forms of records of early history and writing, though they told great stories, folklore, and cultural history.