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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Friends and teachers can sometimes seem hostile, and the school environment bewildering

      It's hard to learn in an environment where you don't fit in because you feel so unmotivated. You don't think anyone cares about you, and you just figure what's the point of trying.

    2. When your group is in the minority, being rejected by a classmate or having a teacher say something negative to you could seem like proof that you don't belong, and maybe evidence that your group doesn't belong either.

      This is true, and it often ends up resulting in the student not caring since no one is worried about him/her anyway.

    1. So this is where you come in, my dear student. Please try on your test, we need you.

      This motivated me more than anything else he said because it was direct. Knowing you are needed is the biggest motivator.

    2. Further, longevity, health, child outcomes, and life satisfaction are all associated with a higher education degree.

      This seems like a bold assumption to me because society makes us believe this. Without an education that we are nothing and the thought of that is frightening. School is not for everyone, so for this to be actual sentence, it can only produce fear.

    1. The hidden curriculum is described as “hidden” because it is usually unacknowledged or unexamined by students, educators, and the wider community.

      It happens unintentionally because no one really notices that it happens. There is no lesson, no guidelines, it just happens

    2. Hidden curriculum refers to the unwritten, unofficial, and often unintended lessons, values, and perspectives that students learn in school.

      By definition this is correct, but I often feel that previous teachers never taught me anything I could use outside of a classroom

    1. You must capture, organize, and regularly review all of your obligations as a student.

      This is very helpful because ever since I got a planner and can see all my deadlines instead of picturing them in my head, I am more productive.

    2. There is no denying that capture, control, plan, and evolve sound like they will secure success; although I am confused on if students even know how to do these things. In school no one teaches you to be prepared, they teach you how to get a specific assignment done, so reading this is definitely a first.

    1. Being in the middle class is not enough, people can barely make ends meet. People in the middle class do not even consider themselves being apart of the middle class.

    2. This article glamorizes putting people into the middle class when that is the group that struggles with income inequality.