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  1. Oct 2020
    1. However, I do feel that the way that he speaks is particu-larly African American. Th is refers more to his rhetoric, intona-tion, and style. However, his speech or the extent to which he plays up his Black manner of speaking varies depending on his setting.

      what is a "black manner" of speaking? is the same as the statement above it that he speaks African American? does this imply the language or just a form of speaking like he can communicate and he knows what African Americans want?

      The website below explains that speaking African American is a unique vocabulary with different accents and grammar

  2. Sep 2019
    1. an individual’s religious practice may be influenced by what government dictates, holidays, teachers, places of worship, rituals, and so on.

      our religion is probably decided by where we live and where we're from

    2. as well as is the number of expanded households, in which extended family members such as grandparents, cousins, or adult children live together in the family home

      How has this been impacted by society, i feel like this has always been a thing, there are homes with big families and homes with smaller families, this doesn't seem like something that would change.

    1. We all belong to many groups

      there are so many different types of groups a person could be a part of but you don't really think about it until someone tells you.

    1. Now, a religious society cannot exist without a collective credo and the more extensive the credo the more unified and strong is the society.

      i think this started around the time of the plague, when the church became more of a business and less of the house of God

    2. We thus reach our first conclusion, that the proclivity of Protestantism for suicide must relate to the spirit of free inquiry that animates this reli-gion. Let us understand this relationship correctly.

      I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly, so if you're protestant you CAN commit suicide with a good reason?

    3. If one casts a glance at the map of European suicide, it is at once clear that in purely Catholic countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, suicide is very little de-veloped

      if a person commits suicide, if they're catholic, they threw away the biggest gift god could ever give them which is the gift of life, and by throwing that away they risk suffering in the afterlife as well as their present life.

    1. I fear, wherever riches have increased, the essence of religion has de-creased

      Money seems to be the core of a lot of problems, it creates selfish animals who only care about their riches and everything else that used to be important fades away with their poverty

    2. [Tlhat side of English Puritanism which was derived from Calvinismgives the most consistent religious basis for the idea of the calling.

      it's crazy how many different kinds of religions there are in the world, sure there are differences but they're more similar to one another than they are different so why do people segregate themselves with religion

    3. Now the peculiar modern Western form of capitalism

      I don't understand why there has to be so many forms of capitalism, don't they all essentially do the same thing, and have the same effect on the people eventually?

    1. Stevens would have been a great states-man, Sumner a great democrat, and Schurz a keen prophet, in a mighty revolution of rising humanity.

      it's absurd how much the lives of these people would've changed if they were white instead of black. all of their faults would have been overlooked and everything they say would be "correct"

    2. The Negro is re-fused a hearing because he was poor and ignorant. It is therefore assumed that all Negroes in Reconstruction were ignorant and silly and that therefore a history of Reconstruction in any state can quite ignore him.

      I'm sure that if a white man would have made a similar mistake, no one would have stereotyped all white as someone who would make the same exact mistake, this was just an excuse to isolate black man in a corner, another way of segregating them

    3. The humiliation and distress of the Southern whites was in part relieved by the Ku Klux Klan, a secret organiza-tion which frightened the superstitious blacks." 1

      the KKK wasn't started because the southern whites were stressed, it was started because they were racist and wanted to get rid of all the black people they thought were ruining their lives

    1. they wish to attain their ends by peaceful means, and endeavour, by small experiments

      most of the time it's not peaceful, it may start that way but then ends up being completely chaotic

    2. They want to improve the condition of every member of society, even that of the most favoured.

      Is this trying to say that it doesn't matter how well a person is living or how poorly a person is surviving, all people will be effected in a positive way? if that's what is being said here then i completely disagree i think only the poor classes should be helped, they're the ones that actually need it and should be focused on

    3. machinery revolutionised industrial production.

      i think this did help but it also just created a cycle where more product was being made and then more product was demanded. people were then overworked with not much pay.

    1. These women aren't living, they're trying to survive

    2. what are "Chicano radicals" and why does it sound like he's insulting and defending them at the same time? I may just be confused by this part of the story

    3. Many of the women can't do any better than a maid because they didn't even complete high school or start it at all

    4. All of the domestic workers are women and out of the 25 women that were interviewed who were between 29-45 had children and some already had grandchildren. These women are "underground workers" which means they get paid what ever their employer wants to pay them, they can't get minimum wage. so some of these women could be getting $5 an hour and they'll have to use that money to feed and supply for an entire family which is outrageous.

    5. I don't understand why these women are called "domestic" when i hear the word domestic i just think of an animal that belongs inside a home. Is the "maid" bad?